Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

After 2 years, and too many excuses, it was time to cut my hair. I had originally decided to join my best friend Rebecca, and bunch of other brave souls, and make the cut in December of 2007 for Locks of Love. Well, let's just say that I couldn't wait that long. Luckily, Rebecca was of the same mind set, and rather serendipitously, we both ended up cutting our hair the same weekend of November! I had over 13 inches to donate.

Similarly, Eric had been growing his annual "winter beard" since September, and finally shaved after the state X-C meet. This has been a tradition for the past couple of years that never ceases to amaze and entertain his runners. If only they had as much enthusiasm about their workouts as they do about his facial hair. Given that it is my new quest to find humor and positive energy in as many situations as possible, I decided that Eric needed to pose for his own "hair donation" picture. Granted, there isn't a soul who could use his beard hair, and we are obviously not going to donate it to any cause other than the "smooth kiss" fund, but it made is laugh. We shared the kind of belly laughs that makes your sides ache. What was great was that he left a rather interesting arrangement of hair that reminded us of the runner Brian Sell (Olympic marathon trials, anyone? Maura, you know...). We had a party the night of the big shave at one of the X-C runner's houses, and on our way out, Eric caught a glimpse of himself and laughed out loud. It was precious.

The next morning he sported a "Charlie Chaplin" stache, and then later in the afternoon, reverted back to the standard soul patch, and got all gussied up for the X-C banquet.


I am grateful for the recommendation from my friend, M.B.M.P.H.P.A. (Marybeth, MPH, PA), for the salon Fresche. I got a great cut, at a great price, and with 2 additional recommendations, MB can get a free haircut!

I am grateful for Eric's newly shaved face.


  1. Did you mail in your hair yet?! I did and it felt fabulous to do so!

  2. Regarding not taking pictures over Christmas...first of all, you get it from your dad and me, but there is a definite plus to not obsessing about photographing and just experiencing life as it happens. We teachers at school see parents who spend their time photographing every school event and consequently miss their kids and what's going on!

    A comphrensive posting, kiddo! You have superb recall, I must say.

    As you say, you were lucky not to have your head included in the belly shots. I could have used no head in my photos!