Sunday, November 11, 2007

Picture Time!

After that long-winded beginning, let's let some pictures speak. First, the 4 home pregnancy tests I took over a week. "Are you positive?"

Next, the 5-6 week belly. We are still not sure of the week; the calendar would indicate 6, but the u/s indicated a little over 5.

6-7 week belly. Sadly, not much of a bump. Let's keep our fingers crossed I gain weight soon!


I am grateful for Dominos for suppling the 3 pieces of pizza I ate this afternoon, even if I didn't eat the crust.

I am grateful for the Blockbuster home delivery program; it has allowed me to spend some QT with Eric watching some great movies in the comfort of our condo, where the bathroom is really accessible to me. I highly recommend Stranger Than Fiction, and moderately recommend The Five Obstructions. Next, we will watch Babel.

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  1. oooo... did you watch Babel yet? I am eager to hear your thoughts. I felt like the acting was superb and the directing was amazing! I mean, to direct such amazingly intense cross-cultural stories is a triumph... however, I lost the common thread between them all... sure, they have a "common thread"... but, really?? Did they?