Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Gummi Bears! Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere"

This will be a quick update. First things first: still feel sick and don't enjoy anything related to food. I try to trick myself into "thinking" I have an appetite, but let's be honest, I don't, and it is not a particularly attractive quality in a lady. I've been pretty successful at most things in life, but I am a terrible pregnant woman. :)

On to the fun. I went to the new clinic in Decatur and had a great u/s appointment with a lovely tech name Tracy. She let me look at the baby in a zillion different ways for a good 20 minutes. I am sad to say that I was by myself, and I think Eric is really upset that he wasn't there...but Tracy said that the 20 week one will be so much more fun (and that will be the next time I will probably get an u/s). I got to see the umbilical cord (looked like the loch ness monster), and she changed the view so I could see red and blue for the arterial and venous blood in the cord. I also got to see and hear the heartbeat! (160bpm). There is nothing like hearing the quick beating of a baby's heart fill a room. I also saw the little thing "swimming" around. He doesn't have great dance moves, yet, and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes after Eric. Tracy pushed on my stomach to get him moving again, and he wiggled his little "buds." We came to the consensus that he looks like a Gummi Bear. No more kidney bean (or lima bean); we've moved on to Gummi Bears! I am also about 10 weeks, 2 days by her extensive crown to rump measurements. In addition to the heartbeat and cord, I got to see bones in the fingers, the top of the brain, and the spine. I have a million print outs, but given my lack of scanner, and terrible ability in taking a picture of a picture, I'll only include one blurry one in this post. It actually didn't turn out as well as the previous (I think because the paper was more glossy). Even still, I present to you, Linus's second picture. (And no, we won't find out the gender until the 20 week u/s, but we are still banking on a boy).

The 2nd picture is of the onesie that Eric and I created to give as gifts to our families for Christmas for the "big reveal." We actually have 4 onesies because the first 2 came back from the printer with a tiny bit of black on one of the legs. So, I wrote the company, and they sent us another 2 for free! Our intention is to wrap one for his grandparents and one for my maternal grandparents. I think we'll just call my paternal grandparents. The plan is to call my house on x-mas from Ohio (after Eric's parents have opened their onesie), and have my Dad open the present while we are on the phone. We hope that my siblings will be there, too. We should have many pictures and stories from the holidays!


-I am thankful for another week gone by. I may feel rotten, but Linus is still alive, and I am one week closer to hitting the 2nd trimester!

-Believe it or not, I am thankful we haven't sold our condo, yet. Well, it would be nice to get things rolling right about now (especially with such low mortgage rates!), but I think if I had to think about selling and buying over the past 5 weeks, I would have honestly lost it.

- I am thankful for Trader Joe's lemonade. I really don't "crave" any food, but do enjoy a glass of TJ's lemonade with seltzer and 2 wedges of lime, from which I will proceed to eat away all of the flesh when I finish the "kiddie cocktail." (It reminds me of a virgin gin and tonic.) I used to be obsessed with seltzer - craving it many times during the day, and now I cannot imagine drinking a can, unless mixed with lemonade.


  1. It makes me cry to see little Linus buds, bad dance moves and all. Hearing your baby's heartbeat is a sweet sound you will never forget. I can still "hear' baby heartbeats that I got to hear!
    I would not say you are the worst pregnant woman. You are sustaining your child well. You may be a miserable pregnant woman, but definitely a loving and supportive one!


  2. A couple things: First, when I was on that TB medication, bubbly water is CRUCIAL towards feeling like you are one of the drinking crowd. I fpund that I didn't really miss the drinks (well, I DID really miss wine) if I had seltzer something.
    Second, Last night on the plane ride home, I was psyched they showed The Waitress with the girl from Felicity. It was a super sweet movie and I think you'll feel better seeing her feelings about pregancy and how she deals with it.