Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictures for the non-politcal poll post

It has only been 1 week since the last set, but here are pictures from the end of week 18 and start of week 19. I am attaching them in case it gives some of you more information for the poll (see previous post and vote!). Please note:
  1. I don't really believe that you can tell the baby's sex by how one carries (nor do I believe that if you have terrible morning sickness that you are having a girl).
  2. There is not much change from the last pictures posted, but there has been some readers who have requested "more pictures!"


- I am grateful for a reduction in nausea. I am not feeling 100%, but I don't gag, and I am not struggling as hard to eat food. I still have not experienced that "voracious appetite" that many preggos talk about, but I am deeply thankful for having relatively normal meals.

- I am grateful for the overall support and encouragement I have received from so many people. I realize that this has been an incredibly "selfish" 19 weeks, and that this entire blog was started with the intent of having a record for Linus, but that prior to his (or her) birth, the focus of the writing has been pretty much on me and my pregnancy. It has been an incredibly cathartic vehicle of expression, but there are times that it feels slightly self involved to keep this blog. Well, I guess "journals" and "diaries" tend to be that way, no?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A non-political poll

With all of the rigmarole related to the election, I thought I would offer up a non-political poll. No delegates awarded, no smear campaigns, and no promises for successful stimulus packages. Come February 7th (about 1 week), I hope to have the opportunity to prove Eric wrong and confirm that we are, in fact, having a boy. I thought it would be fun to collect some bets on the blog. If you are too shy, you can e-mail me, too. I'll tally them up, and we'll have a report next Thursday with confirmation (I hope). This will also probably be a 3 post day--I have some updated photos of my stagnant belly (i.e. not much growth. :( ), and a post I have been wanting to put up regarding some product endorsements. Those must wait until I get home from work.

So...what are your inklings, folks: boy or girl? (Gummy bear is no longer an option.) Feel free to post in the comment section or e-mail me. No money exchanged on this one...just good clean fun.


-I am thankful for some successful condo showings recently! We WILL sell this place, and I hope can claim a new address in the near future.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"To Err is Human"

My doting husband apparently does read this blog! First, he identified my "Christmas '08" flub, and now he has found that I incorrectly identified the bar where we had our joint birthday. I said "Austin's" apparently, when, in fact, we were at "The Albert." Apologies. As I am not blonde (although, I have enough gray to claim some substantial silver highlights), I cannot blame it on a "blonde moment," but I AM pregnant and can say it was due to pregnancy "fuzzy brain." I think that is an actual clinical diagnosis...and if not, Eric will be sure to point out my mistake.

And now, because everyone loves photos, I will include what few Christmas 2007 (note: I did not say 2008!) I can include. The first few could be labeled "Ali looks to be suffering from 'fuzzy brain!'" The last is just a total blast from the past--circa 2003 when Eric and I were first dating.

I really don't know what I am doing in this picture. My guess is that I am attempting to ruin the picture with an ugly face; that, or throw some sort of pregnancy gang hand sign. Note: I HATE getting my photo taken.

Again, an attempt to ruin a picture of myself on Christmas morning by making a stupid face.

This is the "why are you taking a picture of me on a sofa?" look.

I had to include a picture of the man behind the camera! It really is hard not posting pictures with anyone but Eric and me in them...I may start drafting up some permission slips to send out because I have some really cute ones from other recent engagement parties and birthdays.

Here is the standard, Eric and Ali pose. I think we have a version of this picture on every major holiday, or at least every time we remember to bring out the camera. Too bad Eric looks like he has a glass eye with the reflection.

Who is that young couple? What baby faces! (Well, minus Eric's sprawling goatee). I thought it would be fun to go back to the archives and pull out this one.


-I am grateful for the ability to share this experience through a blog. At times I feel a little strange "publishing" my unedited thoughts, concerns and experiences, but it has come to be something to which I look forward. Additionally, although only a small handful of comments make their way to this site, I have actually received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from e-mails and calls from people who may not post comments, which is not required, but who follow the blog. Some have even passed it along to other friends and family! There is something slightly exciting and also scary about knowing that I may never know the complete blog readership. Now, I just need to find a way to eventually print it all out for Linus's baby records.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow in Georgia!?!?

Although this blog is intended to chronicle a pregnancy, there are times when I deem it necessary to shift the focus to other miracles of nature: SNOW IN GEORGIA. Not just once, but it snowed 2 times this week. Since turning into a southern peach in 2003, I have seen 1 dusting over 5 years. Hailing from MA with 4 years of residence in ME for college, I consider myself well acquainted with snow, but I haven't felt the excitement of seeing flakes as I experienced this past week in many, many years. Despite a pretty consistent flurry throughout the day yesterday, the accumulation was rather pathetic; 1 inch or so? The ground was never completely covered, but it didn't stop a number of kids from taking to the slopes for sledding. Nevertheless, it seems that about 3/4 of the metro Atlanta churches canceled services today, and I bet you that Kroger sold more bread and bottled water than they have in the past.

Some of my girlfriends came over yesterday during the flurry. (Due to some unforeseen developments Friday morning, it has been recommended that I stay at home on "bed rest" for a few days. It's all good, but I prefer not to really go into the details; I truly feel it necessary to focus on all the positive things that are happening, and not obsess about what I hope to be a passing scare. Perhaps Linus is just a risk taker, or at least a practical joker.) Like most people who reside in Atlanta, all 4 of us do not originate from the south and are all familiar with what it is to have a true "winter." I think we all felt a bit of nostalgia for the north; well, perhaps everyone save my friend who was visiting from WI (she moved back home after grad school) and was trying to ESCAPE the winter! There is a large part of my heart that still misses New England.

Eric took some pictures of our deck after a few hours of snowing. Too bad it had already started to melt. The image was taken through our glass and screen doors, which obstructs a really clear view of the snow...but you get the idea.

And now, some shots from week 17. I still don't think I am gaining much weight, but my leg muscles have completely disappeared, and my upper arms are nice and soft now. I think there is some tummy progression, but living with my body every day, it is hard to identify the changes. Once I feel that my weight and eating are in better places (it WILL happen), I am going to start walking regularly. I have finally begun to miss exercising.


-I am so grateful for my wonderful sisters-in-law. I truly think that I have hit the jackpot with all 3. I struggle with being far away from them all, but feel that it is imperative for me to encourage our individual relationships despite how chaotic life will be in a matter of months.

-KB, copy-editing commandos (CBC), chocolate milk, Real Simple, 30 Rock and News Radio. You know who you are. You, me, and 10Ten...very soon. :) (If you are lost on this one, don't worry, most of you will be.)

-Trail mix! The newest development, besides my waking up every night, is that it is accompanied by intense hunger pains. They are the kind of hunger pains that ache so deep, you think you might throw up. So, I have a huge bag of trail mix (with added peanut butter M&Ms and chocolate bits!) that I set next to the bed. For the past 3 nights, I have eaten a good 5 or so handfuls of trail mix between the hours of 4-6am. Bless Eric's heart. Worst case scenario...there is always the couch, which if it comes down to, we'll battle over the bed with a rousing game of rocks, paper, scissors.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

The joint birthday turned out to be a great night. We stuffed a whole mess of people into Austin's in Inman Park. We had never been there before, and were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere. We weren't happy that they didn't have the place set up for us when we got there (Eric called twice with instructions on accomodating the 40 some odd people that would be there that night). The night was spent with quite a motley crew of people. I believe the youngest was 2 and the oldest was in his late 60s? It was a great psychology experiment. I have to say that the highlight was having our old friends Amy and Nate come down from WI for a brief visit (en route to Orlando).

On the pregnancy front, there are no real updates. Things appear to be status quo, but there may be a glimmer of hope on the food front: I haven't gagged in 3 days. I still don't have an appetite, but find ways to get food in my body; the secret is snacking (and a huge 5lb Hershey's chocolate slab that sits in my work office, waiting for Kari and me to break apart and eat). I really cannot say I have experienced "quickening," yet (i.e. baby movement). Until 20 weeks, I'll just take it as a sign that Linus is a great sleeper...after that point, I'll worry.

I just finished up 16 weeks. Insanity! I am not sure I feel much "bigger," but will get Eric to take some belly shots later tonight or tomorrow to post. In the meantime, enjoy a few of the birthday couple before the night out. (I have made the executive decision not to post pictures of friends and family without explicit permission. Once Linus is born, this will probably change--I mean, who will focus on anyone but the baby? In the meantime, I am trying to respect privacy of others. Therefore, x-mas pictures might not make an appearance...)

I really like this picture of us! Not a day over 17, right?

Here come the comical ones. I think I should stick to bare belly shots, because I just look like a flat bellied fool! I'll post some better ones, soon. At least I am smiling!


- I am thankful for blood oranges. Well, blood oranges and clementines. I really disliked citrus fruit, save grapefruit, prior to pregnancy, but now I just love those little orange delights. I recently converted to blood oranges thanks to Trader Joe's. Yum. I am not sure any other preggos reading this blog feel this way, but I despise meat. I am not sure why, but I really don't have a taste for animal products. I can, finally, enjoy a glass of milk (heavily "chocolatized" with syrup!), which is something I have never been able to tolerate.

-I am also thankful for Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins. I highly recommend them. Amidst all this nausea, I have never had a problem with the vitamins. This is curious as many women have tremendous difficulty with prenatals. FYI: you can take 2 Flintstones as a substitute according to my OB.

-Preggo Tea. My sister-in-law gave me some amazing organic pregnancy tea. It is dee-lish-ous! (You know it is good when one breaks down a word and uses incorrect spelling to emphasize the word). I am almost out, and on the hunt for more.

-All the lovely birthday wishes and gifts that we got over the past week. Truly, Eric and I don't "need" anything (yet!), but there were many generous notes and gifts that were well received. An especially special gift I received was from my parents. Perhaps this year was the year of the jewelry (see previous post for pearl necklace gift). My father got my a pair of diamond studs for my high school graduation. They are stunning! Simple and classy. Well, I had decided a few years back that I wanted to change the posts and settings since they were in yellow gold (not a metal I wear frequently). Well, I brought them home one time, and they sort of just disappeared. They magically reappeared in the mail from my parents, and were beautifully reset! They look better than the original. I was so touched. Given that Linus is a boy (regardless of what Eric thinks), there better be some girl born in our family at some point so I can pass along this jewelry! :) Between all of the sister-in-laws, I think we'll be okay...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dr E, AFP and HIV

I had the dreaded appointment with Dr E yesterday, and it wasn't nearly as bad as the first time around. My blood pressure wasn't too high (not sure I mentioned that I was posting some pretty high numbers in previous appointments, and for someone who tends to have systolic readings under 100, having over 130 was worrisome!), and my hydration was okay. I also had a negative urine test...and...drum roll...GAINED WEIGHT. I gained 6 pounds. Not sure how accurate that is, but I'll take it. Eric was able to make it to this appointment, and I think his presence really helped to make the visit less miserable.

Dr E swooped in, commented that I gained weight, but that I am stilll such a "skinny minny" (argh), and then assessed Linus's heart in about 5 seconds. She put some machine (no doubt Tom Cruise has one), on my belly and instantaneoulsy the heartbeat could be heard. She commented, "That was easy!" I was so happy Eric was there to hear it! He's alive!!

Then, it was off to give blood. I swear, I have never opened my arm to so many phlebotomists. Because my previous clinic has something against sending my records to my new clinic, my last labs still have not found there way to the new clinic. So, I had to get another HIV test. I also signed a consent form to get the AFP test. AFP is a protein secreted by the fetal liver and excreted in the mother's blood. It is generally used for detecting neural tube defects (why you take folic acid), but it can also indicate: abdominal wall defects esophageal and duodenal atresia (abnormal formations), some renal and urinary tract anomalies, turner syndrome, some low birth weight fetuses, and placental complications. A low level of AFP could also indicate Down Syndrome. The levels are not necessarily diagnotic of Down Syndrome, but it can arm you with information of the "potential." Being a planner, I would like to know as much as I can about the health of Linus. We'll see...

Just for fun, here is a picture of a 16 week old fetus. Enjoy!


-I am grateful for birthdays! Today is Eric and my birthday. In truth, I almost forgot about it. We should be seeing lots of friends tonight (some even from far away lands like WI), and I am so excited!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Am I 13? (Or is this some terrible puberty nightmare?)

Can you believe how often I have posted in the past few days? It reminds me of how I tend to deal with new food finds (well, let's use the past tense here as I am on bad terms with food, still). I will get a new fix, say, Trader Joe's spicy bean dip, and will eat it incessantly for a good 2 weeks. Then, I cannot stand it. For example, at home I was able to destroy an entire jar of dilled green beans that my parents jarred. The worst part was that it was the LAST jar, and I couldn't entertain my craving. I kid you not, I have had a taste for those darn beans ever since I finished the jar. I hope this kind of pattern doesn't happen with the blog, but you are forewarned.

In an attempt to delay my Christmas pictures post until I actually get more pictures, I thought I would do a first trimester symptom count. Beyond the nausea, which does not need to be discussed one more minute, I can boil down my first trimester as a "revival of puberty." Now, my first time around really wasn't that bad, it was just slightly disappointing as I never quite grew as I had anticipated. Are You There God? It's Me Margaret sums it all up quite nicely. If you were ever a preteen girl in the late 80s or early 90s, my bet is that you just shook your head in agreement. Remember this Blume gem?

To be honest, I have never really wished for any dramatic changes in my body, and besides some really terrible fashion choices, terribly ugly glasses and a mouth full of metal, I think I endured those years of growing without incident. And heck, from looking at old pictures, we all suffered fashion emergencies! (Who ever let us put curling irons to our bangs or told us that high waisted, tight-rolled jeans did wonders for our figures?)

Well, perhaps I am living "puberty, part II" right now because I am all of a sudden experiencing changes that I thought would have challenged me in 1992. I'll make this as reader friendly as possible--promise.

1. Pizza Face! Don't you just hate that expression? It conjurs up images of oily, whiteheaded and blackheaded infested skin that just aches for you to squeeze. While I never had terrible acne growing up, I feel like I am making up for it now. Except, my skin loves to break out in alternative areas, too...LIKE MY NECK AND BACK. Good ole "neckne" and "backne." Don't get me wrong, my face certainly hasn't been spared either, but there is nothing like putting cover-up on your neck.

2. Breast augmentation. The cheapest one around (well, cheap until the baby is born). I was alarmed at how quickly my chest grew. But, all that growth came with unanticipated pain...pain so acute, that I still rarely get a full night of sleep without waking up in pain. I am thinking of wearing a sports bra to bed in the future. Although, I heard a nasty rumor that they go back down a few months after a baby is born, and if you breastfeed, your pre-pregnancy bras may never be worn again. Lies, all lies!

The first two symptoms above are truly the most salient. The nausea is in a class of its own, so I won't even call it a symptom. It is more like a chronic illness. The acne and boob job really contributed to that feeling of having a "fake pregnancy," and that maybe this is all a matter of "late blooming." Again, why a sonogram machine is quite appetizing at times (read my "reviews and cruise" entry for the background). The rest are only minor irritants. I actually feel pretty lucky as some women deal with a whole host of additional symptoms that I won't even mention.

3. Fatigue. For me, not overwhelming, but a nice cozy nap always sounds like a viable alternative to any plans made.

4. Increased sense of smell. This was covered in a previous post. It is highly correlated with my incessant need to gag. I even gagged at the smell of my highly coveted bagel and cream cheese the other day.

5. Weeping. There was only an incident or two, but I found myself shedding tears at the strangest things.

6. Dry skin. Combined with the dry air, I am just about ready to scratch my leg skin off! For some women, their hair becomes more luxurious and full...I think I have lost more hair, and my scalp is insanely dry. It is terrible! I have tried it all--oiled my body from top to bottom, taken numerous showers a day, limited showers (on weekends...weekdays, I have to take one every day!), lathered on no avail.

7. "You're an 8." (say it really fast outloud). I most definitely have had to use the bathroom more frequently, and I hear it only gets worse as the uterus cozies up to the bladder.

I know as I journey into the second trimester, the list will change, and I will keep you aprised of those changes.

From my Mayo Clinic book, Linus should be yawning and moving individual fingers this week. I also should start showing this week-ha! More lies.


-I am thankful for Atlanta weather. Today, it was 66 and just gorgeous. I think I really underestimate how much a sunny, warm day can change my mood. I wasn't even unhappy, but felt exceptionally more satisfied when the sun poured through our windows. I got to sit outside on the deck while Eric pruned our plants and put on my makeup (read: cover up my "neckne") prior to our spending the day going to open houses and shopping at Trader Joe's (note: I did NOT pick up another jar of spicy bean dip).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"I Get it From My Momma!"

I wish I had a scanner, but I am resigned to the picture of a picture. Adding to the difficulty is that I am taking pictures of pictures from 1975 (pregnant with my oldest bro)! Quality is surely an issue. I could use the scanner at work, but I just don't feel so comfortable doing that.

Mom, thank you for letting me borrow these pictures. I hope you don't mind that I am posting your preggo shots! They are comforting, and I intend on bringing them with me to the next doctor's appointment so that the mean Dr E can see that there is a genetic component to the way my body is built. I must say, you still had remnants of a six pack in the first set, and your arms stayed amazingly buff the entire time. I have never had a six pack, so you cannot lose what you don't have, and my arms were never as cut, either.

Sorry about the quality, but I thought I would share the cloth from which I was cut. :)

4 3/4 Months

If you saw the one below in person, you would be able to see the outline of a SIX PACK!

6 1/2 Months (not sure where you got that leotard, but it compliments the glasses well.)

Smile, woman!

36 Weeks! (sick arms)

OVERDUE (and still smiling. I must say: short dress...nice legs!)

For more pregnancy pictures, you can go to the sites: My preggo friend Jess sent me this link, and it has hundreds of belly shots of all sizes. Good reference if you are pregnant, but it may be boring for most others.


-I am grateful for Trader Joe's sesame crackers given to me by Ginna (or now Great Aunt Ginna). She is also the angel who gave me Belly Laughs, and is consistently the bearer of smiles and cheer. If there was a profession for personal cheerleaders, she could make a lot of money. The crackers are great, although Eric thinks they do bad things for breath. Small price to pay for a food that sits well with me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Reviews and Cruise

First, I have to admit that I have gone back to edit a post...Eric noticed I wrote "Christmas 08" in a previous post, and in fact, that is quite some time away. So, I changed it, but still refuse to re-read my posts or make corrections to my entries after they are posted.

During the holidays, I had the chance to finish a number of pregnancy-related books on which I thought I would share some thoughts. For those of you who participate in the online Good Reads site, you will have noticed that I have not posted a review in months. Well, I thought that posting my reviews on pregnancy books might be a little suspicious prior to our reveal. Although, let's be honest...I am not the best at managing my life online, and am not sure if I am going to be good about posting reviews now, anyway!

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

I have only read half of this book as I am saving the second half for when I get closer to delivery. The book provides a female-centric perspective on childbirth, and focuses on empowering women. Many of the stories of birth take place at a "farm" in TN, run by exceptionally skilled and compassionate midwives. What I appreciate about the book so far is its lack of judgement. As my own pregnancy continues, I have realized that my belief that I would be "floating blissfully on baby powder clouds" (as my Aunt says) throughout the whole 40 weeks, culminating in a completely natural childbirth, is not necessarily the way things are going to be. Ina's book still allows room for those who do not have the opportunity to give birth in the most natural way. I even think that those who have no intention of a "natural childbirth" can still draw power from the stories. Each woman profiled has exceptionally different life circumstances, and the emotions are raw and at times even unnerving and overwhelming. If you are prone to crying, you may find yourself overcome by emotion at times. Again, I have not finished the book, but will provide a more complete assessment when I finish it in the coming weeks.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy

I think this book has become the replacement for What to Expect When You Are Expecting (which, by the way, I hear is not so great). Everyone I have talked to mentions this book. It is a pretty quick read, and full of humor. I cannot connect to everything that she writes about, but I found myself laughing out loud and reading selections to Eric. She does take some pretty liberal leanings towards things like dying your hair, getting manis and pedis, and focuses a lot on the "looking good" aspect of pregnancy. Now, I don't think I would be poisoning my fetus if I had dyed my hair, done my nails, or used traditional household cleaners, but I have tried to eliminate exposures to these types of things as much as possible. Perhaps I am trying to make up for the fact that my child will be addicted to bagels and lemonade and peanut butter M&Ms, given that it is pretty much all I eat, now. Additionally, the author makes no apologies for her strident opinions, but even though it is pretty apparent from the beginning that she is opinionated, I don't get the sense that she think she has authority over what is "right" or "wrong."
Belly Laughs

Much like Girlfriend's Guide, this book focuses on the humor associated with pregnancy more than the serious or terrible. Maybe I take that back...perhaps it is that she finds humor in the insane and terrible of pregnancy. I would say both Girlfriend's Guide and Belly Laughs chronicle pregnancy through the symptoms. Jenny's book is much shorter (I read on the flight from MA to GA), but much more graphic. I don't know much about Jenny, but I loved her honesty and self-effacing humor. The one thing I did keep thinking throughout was that her book was written before she got divorced and before she found out her son has autism. I guess it was just a strange feeling to be reading it, knowing that at that time, she had no idea how much her life was going to change. (I do hear from all of my celebrity sources--ahem, People Mag-- that she is extremely happy with Jim Carrey, now, and has taken an incredibly active role advancing the causes for understanding fact, I think she came to Atlanta at one point to speak with the CDC about vaccines. Now, I am not sure I believe in eliminating childhood vaccinations, but I applaud her for involving herself so fully in a cause). In summary, I really enjoyed this book, even if Jenny's histrionics were transparent. Again, sometimes, you just need a good laugh...and you all know I am a sucker for jokes about things like tooting. :)
Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
This is a fantastic reference book. I don't feel like I need much else. It is comprehensive, easy to read, and doesn't inundate you with all sorts of scary things that can happen during pregnancy. Granted, I have also relied on a number of my old nursing books for information, but I honestly think that without them, this would pretty much cover most everything.

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

I read this book prior to conceiving, and think that was a good thing. Before becoming pregnant, in my imagination with those baby powder clouds, I was racing from cloud to cloud, setting road race PRs and waving to the cars as I got thumbs up for being an active pregnant woman. Fast forward to January: I haven't run since October, let alone walked for fitness more than 5 times. I think if I read this book now, I would be so hard on myself, sad, and it certainly wouldn't contribute to my ability to believe that I am doing what's best for this baby. I do think that it is a great resource for those who are willing and able to exercise in pregnancy. We all know that the pendulum consistently swings when it comes to advice for pregnant women, and in the not so distant past, I think people believed exercise was dangerous. Well, this book not only provides good background on how to exercise safely, but for those of us who like evidence-based research, provides lots of sound and legitimate research on exercise and pregnancy. I do think that this might be a little "thick" for anyone expecting a quick and dirty guide to exercise.
If anyone has any other recs for books I should read, please comment away. I do have The Kite Runner and Everything is Illuminated sitting on my bedside table, waiting to be dug into. I also have my fair share of "pregnancy pamphlets" that you get dumped with at your appointments. I wish I could say that they are helpful, but if they are not promotional materials, they are rather basic, and haven't really informed me of things I don't know.
On to the CRUISE portion of this post. I am not sure what prompted it, but I was recently reflecting on Tom Cruise's previous decision to purchase a sonogram machine while Katie was pregnant with Suri. First, let me say that my interest in Tom apexed as he sped away on his bike with Kelly McGillis in Top Gun (there was that brief moment of attraction during Jerry McGuire). He currently gives me the creeps...and he took Joey Potter (aka Katie Holmes) and abducted her from Dawson's Creek and turned her into a robot much like Victoria Beckham. (Although, I do love her new haircut). BUT, for the first time, I see the sense, through my pregnancy haze, of why he bought a sonogram machine. By the way, I Googled, and it appears that a good sonogram machine can go anywhere from the order or $20-40K. Yikes! I think I am almost past the not believing I am actually with child, and now get waves of concern that he is not still alive. Everyone keeps warning me that I should begin to feel him move in the next week or so (although, I heard it is normal not to feel him until 20 weeks), and am just waiting for that first flutter. If it is anything like peristalsis, I am going to have a hard time distinguishing between the two...enter, sonogram! If only I could just do a morning check up on Linus, and see that he was alive and kicking. Okay, now, I know that this could be on the order of obsessive, but I don't have $20K to spend, and I certainly don't have any connections to Tom Cruise to borrow his machine. So, my fleeting connection with Tom Cruise has been exposed...but don't expect me to be jumping on any couches any time soon.
-Hmmm...I am getting stumped. It is not that I have no gratitude, it is that whole "you can't repeat thing." Here's an oldie, but goodie. I am grateful for the best, longest lasting friends. Harking back to break, I had the most wonderful time at Bec and Adam's engagement party. M and R are two of my oldest and best friends. I love them to pieces and especially love the fact that no matter how long time passes between visits, we instantaneously reconnect. Love you girls!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Almost 15 weeks (the "food baby")

Here are the newest tummy shots. I am thinking I can finally claim the "food baby." You know...the bloated tummy you get after a big meal. The first one makes me look a lot bigger than I actually am. I am not sure if this is clinically sound, but I have found that my stomach is usually pretty flat in the AM upon rising, but at night, it has settled into a slight bulge. I am just waiting for the day that I have to buy new pants. Still no weight gain...just "redistribution" as Eric says.


-I am grateful that Eric has the decency to spare you pictures that include my face. Such lovely body changes during pregnancy will be the focus of a future post, but let me quickly comment that pregnancy has not been kind on my skin. The acne compliments my sallow complexion quite well. Is this what they meant by pregnancy glow?