Sunday, January 6, 2008

Am I 13? (Or is this some terrible puberty nightmare?)

Can you believe how often I have posted in the past few days? It reminds me of how I tend to deal with new food finds (well, let's use the past tense here as I am on bad terms with food, still). I will get a new fix, say, Trader Joe's spicy bean dip, and will eat it incessantly for a good 2 weeks. Then, I cannot stand it. For example, at home I was able to destroy an entire jar of dilled green beans that my parents jarred. The worst part was that it was the LAST jar, and I couldn't entertain my craving. I kid you not, I have had a taste for those darn beans ever since I finished the jar. I hope this kind of pattern doesn't happen with the blog, but you are forewarned.

In an attempt to delay my Christmas pictures post until I actually get more pictures, I thought I would do a first trimester symptom count. Beyond the nausea, which does not need to be discussed one more minute, I can boil down my first trimester as a "revival of puberty." Now, my first time around really wasn't that bad, it was just slightly disappointing as I never quite grew as I had anticipated. Are You There God? It's Me Margaret sums it all up quite nicely. If you were ever a preteen girl in the late 80s or early 90s, my bet is that you just shook your head in agreement. Remember this Blume gem?

To be honest, I have never really wished for any dramatic changes in my body, and besides some really terrible fashion choices, terribly ugly glasses and a mouth full of metal, I think I endured those years of growing without incident. And heck, from looking at old pictures, we all suffered fashion emergencies! (Who ever let us put curling irons to our bangs or told us that high waisted, tight-rolled jeans did wonders for our figures?)

Well, perhaps I am living "puberty, part II" right now because I am all of a sudden experiencing changes that I thought would have challenged me in 1992. I'll make this as reader friendly as possible--promise.

1. Pizza Face! Don't you just hate that expression? It conjurs up images of oily, whiteheaded and blackheaded infested skin that just aches for you to squeeze. While I never had terrible acne growing up, I feel like I am making up for it now. Except, my skin loves to break out in alternative areas, too...LIKE MY NECK AND BACK. Good ole "neckne" and "backne." Don't get me wrong, my face certainly hasn't been spared either, but there is nothing like putting cover-up on your neck.

2. Breast augmentation. The cheapest one around (well, cheap until the baby is born). I was alarmed at how quickly my chest grew. But, all that growth came with unanticipated pain...pain so acute, that I still rarely get a full night of sleep without waking up in pain. I am thinking of wearing a sports bra to bed in the future. Although, I heard a nasty rumor that they go back down a few months after a baby is born, and if you breastfeed, your pre-pregnancy bras may never be worn again. Lies, all lies!

The first two symptoms above are truly the most salient. The nausea is in a class of its own, so I won't even call it a symptom. It is more like a chronic illness. The acne and boob job really contributed to that feeling of having a "fake pregnancy," and that maybe this is all a matter of "late blooming." Again, why a sonogram machine is quite appetizing at times (read my "reviews and cruise" entry for the background). The rest are only minor irritants. I actually feel pretty lucky as some women deal with a whole host of additional symptoms that I won't even mention.

3. Fatigue. For me, not overwhelming, but a nice cozy nap always sounds like a viable alternative to any plans made.

4. Increased sense of smell. This was covered in a previous post. It is highly correlated with my incessant need to gag. I even gagged at the smell of my highly coveted bagel and cream cheese the other day.

5. Weeping. There was only an incident or two, but I found myself shedding tears at the strangest things.

6. Dry skin. Combined with the dry air, I am just about ready to scratch my leg skin off! For some women, their hair becomes more luxurious and full...I think I have lost more hair, and my scalp is insanely dry. It is terrible! I have tried it all--oiled my body from top to bottom, taken numerous showers a day, limited showers (on weekends...weekdays, I have to take one every day!), lathered on no avail.

7. "You're an 8." (say it really fast outloud). I most definitely have had to use the bathroom more frequently, and I hear it only gets worse as the uterus cozies up to the bladder.

I know as I journey into the second trimester, the list will change, and I will keep you aprised of those changes.

From my Mayo Clinic book, Linus should be yawning and moving individual fingers this week. I also should start showing this week-ha! More lies.


-I am thankful for Atlanta weather. Today, it was 66 and just gorgeous. I think I really underestimate how much a sunny, warm day can change my mood. I wasn't even unhappy, but felt exceptionally more satisfied when the sun poured through our windows. I got to sit outside on the deck while Eric pruned our plants and put on my makeup (read: cover up my "neckne") prior to our spending the day going to open houses and shopping at Trader Joe's (note: I did NOT pick up another jar of spicy bean dip).


  1. Warm, sunny days are nothing to take fror granted! Man, it's finally stopped raining for an afternoon today just enough to show a bit of blue in the sky and I've never exercized with such a bounce!

  2. AHHH!! This post cracked me much so that I went over to my bookshelf and grabbed my copy of Are you there God...

    I cannot WAIT to see you and your pregancy symptoms in person in 5 more days on 1/11!!!!!!

  3. More good reading and chuckles from you, Alison. I recommend wearing a sports bra to bed for sure. You'll have to wear a nursing bra to bed afterwards. It should help discomfort. It is amazing what a warm sunny day can do. We have had a few this week here in wintry NE, and the smiles, the people out walking biking, running, skate boarding, it's really uplifting! And I love winter!