Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

The joint birthday turned out to be a great night. We stuffed a whole mess of people into Austin's in Inman Park. We had never been there before, and were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere. We weren't happy that they didn't have the place set up for us when we got there (Eric called twice with instructions on accomodating the 40 some odd people that would be there that night). The night was spent with quite a motley crew of people. I believe the youngest was 2 and the oldest was in his late 60s? It was a great psychology experiment. I have to say that the highlight was having our old friends Amy and Nate come down from WI for a brief visit (en route to Orlando).

On the pregnancy front, there are no real updates. Things appear to be status quo, but there may be a glimmer of hope on the food front: I haven't gagged in 3 days. I still don't have an appetite, but find ways to get food in my body; the secret is snacking (and a huge 5lb Hershey's chocolate slab that sits in my work office, waiting for Kari and me to break apart and eat). I really cannot say I have experienced "quickening," yet (i.e. baby movement). Until 20 weeks, I'll just take it as a sign that Linus is a great sleeper...after that point, I'll worry.

I just finished up 16 weeks. Insanity! I am not sure I feel much "bigger," but will get Eric to take some belly shots later tonight or tomorrow to post. In the meantime, enjoy a few of the birthday couple before the night out. (I have made the executive decision not to post pictures of friends and family without explicit permission. Once Linus is born, this will probably change--I mean, who will focus on anyone but the baby? In the meantime, I am trying to respect privacy of others. Therefore, x-mas pictures might not make an appearance...)

I really like this picture of us! Not a day over 17, right?

Here come the comical ones. I think I should stick to bare belly shots, because I just look like a flat bellied fool! I'll post some better ones, soon. At least I am smiling!


- I am thankful for blood oranges. Well, blood oranges and clementines. I really disliked citrus fruit, save grapefruit, prior to pregnancy, but now I just love those little orange delights. I recently converted to blood oranges thanks to Trader Joe's. Yum. I am not sure any other preggos reading this blog feel this way, but I despise meat. I am not sure why, but I really don't have a taste for animal products. I can, finally, enjoy a glass of milk (heavily "chocolatized" with syrup!), which is something I have never been able to tolerate.

-I am also thankful for Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins. I highly recommend them. Amidst all this nausea, I have never had a problem with the vitamins. This is curious as many women have tremendous difficulty with prenatals. FYI: you can take 2 Flintstones as a substitute according to my OB.

-Preggo Tea. My sister-in-law gave me some amazing organic pregnancy tea. It is dee-lish-ous! (You know it is good when one breaks down a word and uses incorrect spelling to emphasize the word). I am almost out, and on the hunt for more.

-All the lovely birthday wishes and gifts that we got over the past week. Truly, Eric and I don't "need" anything (yet!), but there were many generous notes and gifts that were well received. An especially special gift I received was from my parents. Perhaps this year was the year of the jewelry (see previous post for pearl necklace gift). My father got my a pair of diamond studs for my high school graduation. They are stunning! Simple and classy. Well, I had decided a few years back that I wanted to change the posts and settings since they were in yellow gold (not a metal I wear frequently). Well, I brought them home one time, and they sort of just disappeared. They magically reappeared in the mail from my parents, and were beautifully reset! They look better than the original. I was so touched. Given that Linus is a boy (regardless of what Eric thinks), there better be some girl born in our family at some point so I can pass along this jewelry! :) Between all of the sister-in-laws, I think we'll be okay...


  1. I will be sure to put some more tea in the mail ASAP!

  2. I had to chuckle at the "belly" shots. You look about as tubby as I did at the same stage, only a whole lot prettier! It may be the camera, but your complexion looks radiant - not at all the pubescent mess you had earlier in your pregnancy. oh, and Eric looks pretty swell, too. Pending fatherhood agrees with him...