Saturday, January 5, 2008

"I Get it From My Momma!"

I wish I had a scanner, but I am resigned to the picture of a picture. Adding to the difficulty is that I am taking pictures of pictures from 1975 (pregnant with my oldest bro)! Quality is surely an issue. I could use the scanner at work, but I just don't feel so comfortable doing that.

Mom, thank you for letting me borrow these pictures. I hope you don't mind that I am posting your preggo shots! They are comforting, and I intend on bringing them with me to the next doctor's appointment so that the mean Dr E can see that there is a genetic component to the way my body is built. I must say, you still had remnants of a six pack in the first set, and your arms stayed amazingly buff the entire time. I have never had a six pack, so you cannot lose what you don't have, and my arms were never as cut, either.

Sorry about the quality, but I thought I would share the cloth from which I was cut. :)

4 3/4 Months

If you saw the one below in person, you would be able to see the outline of a SIX PACK!

6 1/2 Months (not sure where you got that leotard, but it compliments the glasses well.)

Smile, woman!

36 Weeks! (sick arms)

OVERDUE (and still smiling. I must say: short dress...nice legs!)

For more pregnancy pictures, you can go to the sites: My preggo friend Jess sent me this link, and it has hundreds of belly shots of all sizes. Good reference if you are pregnant, but it may be boring for most others.


-I am grateful for Trader Joe's sesame crackers given to me by Ginna (or now Great Aunt Ginna). She is also the angel who gave me Belly Laughs, and is consistently the bearer of smiles and cheer. If there was a profession for personal cheerleaders, she could make a lot of money. The crackers are great, although Eric thinks they do bad things for breath. Small price to pay for a food that sits well with me.


  1. Nate & I were cracking up at these pictures - you look so much like your mother. She was so beautiful - and i am envying her pregnancy arms!! :)

  2. You must get a leotard like your mom's to model your belly. :-)

    You two do look so much alike.