Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictures for the non-politcal poll post

It has only been 1 week since the last set, but here are pictures from the end of week 18 and start of week 19. I am attaching them in case it gives some of you more information for the poll (see previous post and vote!). Please note:
  1. I don't really believe that you can tell the baby's sex by how one carries (nor do I believe that if you have terrible morning sickness that you are having a girl).
  2. There is not much change from the last pictures posted, but there has been some readers who have requested "more pictures!"


- I am grateful for a reduction in nausea. I am not feeling 100%, but I don't gag, and I am not struggling as hard to eat food. I still have not experienced that "voracious appetite" that many preggos talk about, but I am deeply thankful for having relatively normal meals.

- I am grateful for the overall support and encouragement I have received from so many people. I realize that this has been an incredibly "selfish" 19 weeks, and that this entire blog was started with the intent of having a record for Linus, but that prior to his (or her) birth, the focus of the writing has been pretty much on me and my pregnancy. It has been an incredibly cathartic vehicle of expression, but there are times that it feels slightly self involved to keep this blog. Well, I guess "journals" and "diaries" tend to be that way, no?


  1. The belly is bigger :-)

    Post some pics of the new haircut. Love you mama!

  2. woohoo - rockin' the baby belly! Love it!! I'm with tracey - post some pics of the new hair!

  3. I'm thinking boy myself. And you are bigger since the last photos!

    Auntie Dilly

  4. I, too, request hair pictures, and you are so pregnant looking!!!!
    Not everyone has a "voracious" appetite. I was the most hungry when nursing, and the neat thing was that you can eat voraciously and still lose baby weight if you are nursing.
    Pregnancy, especially the first, is a time of "me" focus. After all, you don't know the baby yet, all you know are your symptoms (glad to know they are abating). That will switch in an instant when the baby is born, and you won't mind a bit!
    Love you, too!