Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"To Err is Human"

My doting husband apparently does read this blog! First, he identified my "Christmas '08" flub, and now he has found that I incorrectly identified the bar where we had our joint birthday. I said "Austin's" apparently, when, in fact, we were at "The Albert." Apologies. As I am not blonde (although, I have enough gray to claim some substantial silver highlights), I cannot blame it on a "blonde moment," but I AM pregnant and can say it was due to pregnancy "fuzzy brain." I think that is an actual clinical diagnosis...and if not, Eric will be sure to point out my mistake.

And now, because everyone loves photos, I will include what few Christmas 2007 (note: I did not say 2008!) I can include. The first few could be labeled "Ali looks to be suffering from 'fuzzy brain!'" The last is just a total blast from the past--circa 2003 when Eric and I were first dating.

I really don't know what I am doing in this picture. My guess is that I am attempting to ruin the picture with an ugly face; that, or throw some sort of pregnancy gang hand sign. Note: I HATE getting my photo taken.

Again, an attempt to ruin a picture of myself on Christmas morning by making a stupid face.

This is the "why are you taking a picture of me on a sofa?" look.

I had to include a picture of the man behind the camera! It really is hard not posting pictures with anyone but Eric and me in them...I may start drafting up some permission slips to send out because I have some really cute ones from other recent engagement parties and birthdays.

Here is the standard, Eric and Ali pose. I think we have a version of this picture on every major holiday, or at least every time we remember to bring out the camera. Too bad Eric looks like he has a glass eye with the reflection.

Who is that young couple? What baby faces! (Well, minus Eric's sprawling goatee). I thought it would be fun to go back to the archives and pull out this one.


-I am grateful for the ability to share this experience through a blog. At times I feel a little strange "publishing" my unedited thoughts, concerns and experiences, but it has come to be something to which I look forward. Additionally, although only a small handful of comments make their way to this site, I have actually received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from e-mails and calls from people who may not post comments, which is not required, but who follow the blog. Some have even passed it along to other friends and family! There is something slightly exciting and also scary about knowing that I may never know the complete blog readership. Now, I just need to find a way to eventually print it all out for Linus's baby records.

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