Thursday, February 28, 2008

Art Gallery: Ode to Charley Harper

(I dedicate this post to AS in honor of the puffy wall hanging conversation)

True, we have no "nursery," but Eric and I have thought long and hard about how we would like to decorate Linus's room when it does exist. If you haven't caught on to a theme, or you don't know us well, we are not particularly smitten with the general aesthetic qualities to most baby items. Eric and I align ourselves with the "less is more," "simple and clean lines" decor. It is nothing personal, just preference. I hope I don't come across "anti-baby stuff," but I feel that a lot of the baby related items on the market are too "cutesy," and I honestly think are designed to appeal to adults more than babies (especially newborn stuff). What I mean by adult appeal is that products are designed for adults to "think" that a 3 month old will appreciate the matching crib set, rocker cushions, diaper holder and curtains. (Exception: don't for a second think, though, that I don't get sucked into "ooing" when I get my hands on any piece of baby clothing. As long as it doesn't have Harley Davidson thematic prints on it, I'll just about melt over all baby clothes). Enter, puffy wall hangings and "themed nurseries." Not my personal choice, but I respect the decision of others to completely outfit a nursery in matching items. Along the idea of adult appeal, Eric and I would love to decorate a baby's room with non-baby artwork: our adult appeal. By non-baby, I am referring to art that "works" in a baby's room, but is not sold under the guise of "nursery decorations." Additionally, we like the idea of using real art that can serve multiple purposes over the span of a child's life, as opposed to having a "baby" theme that becomes passe after a mere 1 year.

After a riveting spot on CBS News Sunday Morning, we found our artist: Charles Harper. I am sprinkling in throughout this post our absolute favorite prints that we have identified. The print names are cute (e.g., Dam Diligent, Prickly Pair, and Jumbrella...guess which prints have those names!) and he has a unique perspective on wildlife and color. True, the palette is not traditionally what one would expect in a baby's room, but when have we ever done anything traditional? What is crazy is that the FIRST site that popped up on our Google search to locate where to buy the prints, was an art store in ERIC's HOME TOWN! (not a well known artistic playground for edgy prints--sorry Mentorians). There are lots of different shapes and sizes, and some prints are signed or part of a series. We figure, these are prints that can be passed down, and we would honestly hang them outside of a nursery. Now, we just have to start collecting them.


-I am grateful (I think) that I have had to retire my first pair of "normal sized jeans." It doesn't help, though, that they are my favorite pair of jeans. I cannot even sport the make-shift belly band as the zipper needs to be completely in "XYZ" position (hark back to elementary school for that reference) for them to fit. If I worked in a nudist colony, it might fly (no pun intended), but even my casual work environment wouldn't appreciate the show. For the first time, I realized that those jeans will not be on my body again for many months. After the initial shock, I am grateful...I guess.

-I am grateful that the sweetie who is dying for more belly pics is patient as I wait for my husband's schedule to accommodate a day time picture of any uterus growth. (We have now identified that taking pictures at night is not a good way to get belly pictures.) T, I promise some soon!

Nixed Names:
BRAXTON, HICKS (they never were on the list, but there may have been some confusion from my last post) Evan, Owen, Abe, Josef, Dylan, Griffin, Jens, Jan, Nevin, Emil, Milo, Luke, Lucas, Simon


  1. I love the art - MUCH better than puffy wall hangings.

  2. That stuff would be so awesome for a baby's room! Won't it be funny, though, if you (or I) have a kid that is totally into pink fairy sparkles or GI Joes and when he/she has a say, asks for a room themed on something like that??

  3. Eric's biggest fear is that Linus will follow the 97% of GA males: become obsessed with football. He won't know what to do! That was one of his biggest concerns when we found out it was a boy. It might be easier for him to deal with a boy who is interested into fairy sparkles...ha ha!

  4. I love the way the artwork is so colorful and graphic and at the same time so whimsical. He really knows his animals, too. There is no doubt about each animal - the nuthatches, the beaver chomping on a branch, the wonderful cardinals, elephants and more. I would think that it would be great for a child to be able to see all the shapes in the world around them.


  5. If your little boy is obsessed with football, at least you know Aunt Tracey and Big D are there to talk him through it.
    No worries!