Thursday, February 14, 2008

Like father, like son, like uncle

First, the not so fun medical update. I now have "gestational hypertension," which I would like to rename "anxiety hypertension." I really don't know that I truly have gHTN, but so be it. Now, I get to go to the OB every 2 weeks, do 24 hour urine samples, give blood, and perhaps get more ultrasounds (THAT I am fine with). On the up side, weight is increasing and I think I am over gagging and although am not hungry that much, am having an easier time eating "normally."

Cupid kindly left Eric and me a package today...all the way from Miami! It was just about the most precious gift. Here it is:

Of course, the Pumas are from Aunt Tracey and Uncle Nick. Nick is "known" for his Pumas, and Eric also sports a pair, so of course Linus needs some, too. We have added them to the pile of 4 or so items that we have received as gifts. Sadly, those gifts are just about the only things purchased for Linus thus far. We are SO behind the 8 ball, and MUST spend this weekend figuring life out. I also just found out that some day cares in Atlanta are booked until FALL OF 2009! Insanity. Who registers for day care BEFORE they are pregnant? I wanted to wait until 20 weeks when we at least had a gender to put on the applications.

And here are some more belly pictures. I haven't grown too much since the last post, but this is more to demonstrate my mad skills at clothing design. I do not fit into maternity pants (even the smallest size), but pretty much all of my pants are too tight to keep closed...what does a girl do? BELLY BANDS! They are this neat contraption that hold up your completely unbuttoned / unzipped pants. Well, belly bands don't come cheap, $25 a band, so I took an old tube top (circa 1999), doubled it over, and voila! A homemade belly band.

-I am thankful for my new Brooks jacket. Eric surprised me with a nice, embroidered Marist Track jacket. I don't run track, am not a "coach," but I'll wear any free running swag.

-I am also thankful for the fact that I was given the "okay" to walk...not run, but walk. I am going to start a schedule, and incorporate this great yoga DVD my girlfriend checked out at the library for me. So thoughtful!

-I am thankful for this video. Again, I don't like putting links to other areas on the web as it won't be helpful when I print this out for Linus, but this will make your day. Why can't we all have British accents? Thanks to my Bristol friend JC for this one.

Nixed Names (newest ones will be in bold)
Josef, Dylan, Griffin, Jens, Jan, Nevin, Emil, Milo, Luke, Lucas, Simon


  1. Sign this mommy up for Project Runway 5! Seriously - fantastically creative about the tube top and those shoes are just too cute for words!

    P.S. My vote is for Simon - LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks for the photo of the adorable Pumas. They are every bit as cute as I was imagining! Good pick Aunt Tracey and Uncle Nick!
    I agree with Amy about the clever belly band. All we had were pants with stretchy panels that would sometimes get too stretched out and hard to keep up!
    Love, Mom

  3. Now all "Linus" needs is the matching Puma track suit.

    The belly is a little bigger :-)

    Hang in there. We love you!

    p.s.- Thank goodness the name Jan is off the list!

  4. Oooooooh (she exclaimed out loud as the pic appeared on the page)!!!! LOVE the Shoes!! I wish I had an uncle Nick;)