Monday, February 18, 2008

Linus the circus performer!

After the last u/s, we were thinking Linus might take up ballet, but after this weekend, we are leaning toward circus performer. Due to the extraordinary generosity of my sister-in-law's brother (Lil D), we were able to go to a "cirque" like performance at the Ferst Center in Atlanta: "The Birdhouse Factory " ("TBF"). Lil D is a master "rigger" and essentially tours with the company, ensuring that the performers don't die. We were treated to a back stage sneak peak before the performance began and met performers, talked to the writer / director, and got to spend some quality time with Lil D. We were amazed at how calm it was back stage, and how the people involved with the production were incredibly "chill," welcoming and let's not forget, extremely talented. Just about 5 minutes before curtain, Lil D casually walked us out the side of the stage and we got to sit up back right next to the lighting area, stage manager and director. (The best part was that the director was just in love with the performance...laughing, cheering, hooting and hollering the whole time.) It is rather difficult to explain "TBF;" it is a blended delight of extraordinary human strength and belly aching humor with the constant undercurrent of Chaplin's "Modern Times" and Diego Rivera's industrial murals .

There are acrobatics, contortionists, German wheels, trampolines, dance, machines, and circus performances (minus the presence of exploited, highly drugged animals). What I appreciated was that it could appeal to the most discerning palates as well as the most innocent child. Even though there were apparently 3 circuses in Atlanta this weekend, I was so thrilled to see that "TBF" was sold out to an audience that awarded the performance with the most eruptive standing ovation.

Eric and I were just so thankful to have the opportunity to go out on a "date" due to Lil D's generosity, that we made a "date day" out of it. We started with some prenatal yoga thanks to CF's library card and Shiva Rea's DVD. Two quick notes on that: 1) Eric and I are so inflexible, it is laugh out loud funny; sadly, Poppy, the 3rd trimester "model" on the DVD was more limber than both of us put together. 2) It was hard to stay "centered" when Eric follows the command, "place one hand on your heart center, and the other on your growing fetus." I admit it--we laughed.

We then spent a good 20 minutes staring at my belly, trying to see if we could see movement. We even tried blasting some "Marriage of Figaro" opera with the iPod. I could feel some pops, but we never saw belly movement. After some shopping at Ikea for, drum roll, MORE PLANT POTS (Eric's gardening obsession is rubbing off on me), we got all gussied up and headed out to dinner at a restaurant we had a gift card to thanks to one of his runner's parents. Then, off to "TBF." During the opening sequence full of tumbling, one of the guys got drilled in the face from his cast mate's boot as he flipped across the stage. He calmly walked off stage, and proceeded to take care of what Lil D told us after the show, was quite a bloody mess. I didn't really notice, but sitting next to the stage manager, Eric was able to hear the commotion going on behind the scenes. The director was just about to go on FOR the cast member (apparently he can perform most of the guy parts in the THAT is one heck of a director), until said injured circus performer rallied and came back in the 2nd act to do the most insane trampoline number. Anyway, I think Linus was asking to go on as a replacement, too, as he started "popping" during that opening sequence. I use the word "popping" because for me, it feels like I have kettle corn in my belly. It does not feel like fluttering, and it does not feel like gas; again, proof that pregnancy is highly individual. It feels like a muscle twitch, or like a piece of popcorn, all hot and buttery, hitting the doughy inside of my belly. Linus was so excited, that I slowly put my hand on my belly, and could actually feel the "kernel" hit my hand. So, in the darkness of the opening act, I slowly reached over and grabbed Eric's hand, and gently placed it on the same area of my belly. "POP!" Eric's eyes widened, and he said "whoah. I felt that!" HOORAY! Although we aren't close to picking a name, I think we have a better idea of his budding career options: circus tumbler or soccer player. We'll scratch yogi and ballet dancer.

-I am grateful that Eric finally got to feel Linus.

-I am thankful for the condo showing that was a "bust." Like most weekends, we got ejected from our condo for a potential showing, and weathered the severe storms to sit at a new coffee shop in Decatur where we FINALLY started an excel spreadsheet documenting all that stuff we "need." (read: OVERWHELMING!). I got a call in the middle of deciding between gdiaper colors (I'll post on this soon), that the agent didn't have time to show our condo. Now, this could be a total "glass is half empty" scenario, but we were forced to sit down and start this I AM thankful for that opportunity.

Nixed Names (newest ones will be in bold and capitalized as the bold doesn't come out too well it seems)
ABE, Josef, Dylan, Griffin, Jens, Jan, Nevin, Emil, Milo, Luke, Lucas, Simon

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  1. A friend who has two little ones lent me the Crunch Yoga Mama DVD and I love it! You might want to look into it for some variety.