Sunday, February 10, 2008

The name game

And it really is a game! The 2 big questions after you find out you are having a boy: 1) What's his name? 2) Are you going to have him circumcised? Don't know, and not sure, yet. I have come to realize that Eric and I have quite different opinions on what we should name a child with "boy parts" (to quote our u/s technician). If we were having a girl, it would have been an easy decision. I think we had a girl's name established prior to conceiving; we'll leave that a secret in case we ever embark on this journey again and have a girl. But for a boy's name, we are like oil and water. Everyone loves to weigh in on the name game...and it reminds me of planning a wedding. You'll never please everyone, but everyone will surely let you know their preferences. The difference is, at a wedding, people can get over having just wine and beer over an open bar, but with naming a child, you could be setting another human being up for a life of constant ridicule. If we do settle on a name before June, I am not sure we will broadcast it to the world for fear of rampant dissenting opinions, and I also know Eric probably even hates that I am going to give up as much information on the naming as I will in this blog.

To keep things interesting, I will add a new segment, Nixed Names at the end of the blog. Currently, we have about 20 active names on our running list, and try to eliminate 1 or 2 every few days. Now you can let your minds wander with the 111 trillion other names we have to chose from in your quest to figure out the names. As some additional guidance:
  • We are only looking at boys' names (duh)
  • Eric is generally opposed to names that are either "too biblical" or begin with a vowel (although, we have names that fit both of those categories in our active list as of now)
  • We have a strong preference for German and Welsh names
  • Many of our names are nontraditional
  • Although I love the name, "Jack" never made it on the list; too popular
  • Eric Jr is not an option (per Eric Sr's request)
  • We would love to use a family name, but let me provide you with a short list of the family names that will not make the cut (most are gems from my paternal side): Cloid, Delbert, Homer, Penrose, Maurice, Leonard, Ivor, Warren, Harold, Gideon, Ephraim, Amos, Rueben, Edwin, Chester, Enoch, LeRoy, Toby and Melvin
Linus will probably remain as the "fetus name," but I am not sure it will make the first name cut. Stranger things have happened, though...


-I am thankful for Sunday mornings in bed with Eric, with the sun pouring on my skin, watching Chuck Osgood and Mo Rocca for some classic TV. I know this delight will shortly come to an end in a few months.

Nixed Names
Here are the names that have gone from our joint active list to the "never to be considered again." I am sure it will be fun to figure out which one of us offered which name.

Jens (pronounced like the Japanese currency...honestly, was he serious?)
Jan (pronounced like what lots of new parents do throughout the day..."yawn")
*Please don't mind my interjection: does anyone else consider Jen(s) and Jan to be GIRL names? A lifetime of ridicule I tell you...


  1. How could you cross the name Penrose off your list????

  2. Actually, it's Cloyd, which sounds the same but looks somehow a bit better than Cloid (which sounds like a medical condition)


  3. Warren and Edwin ain't so bad to me... I knew a Griffin when i tutored at Score! in CA... I called him "The Griffinator" in an Arnold accent... then, she decided he'd rather be the "The Grrrrreat Griffini" in as much of a Big Top Italian accent as possible. It's a good thing you nixed Griffin, cause I just might be the reason his life would be ruined :)