Sunday, February 3, 2008

New poll format...

Even though I believe everyone who has read the blog has probably put in their bid in the non-political poll, I discovered a new blogger tool (via my lurking another preggo's blog), and felt compelled to add it for fun. It is a "poll element" and should be on the right side of the blog. It will expire on Thursday (when we go to the doctor's). I think we'll use this tool for future fun posts as well. I am just trying to keep things interesting!


-I am thankful that my father made it to Ireland safely, and that after some insane navigation issues, found his hotel. Maybe it is my mommy instinct becoming more acute, but I worry about people when they travel by themselves over long distances.

-I am also thankful that one of my best girlfriends has crawled back from lingering injury and has begun running again. Stellar athlete I tell you (actually, pretty exceptional at everything she does). If only she could run from the west coast to Atlanta...

1 comment:

  1. Fun format! I can't wait to hear.

    Yay for the recovered runner whom I assume is a tall talented blonde...?
    Love, Mom