Thursday, March 13, 2008

Am I repeeting mieself? Am I repeeting mieself?

I know the title of this post is spelled wrong and repetitive...intentional, people! I was informed that pregnant women get "fuzzy brain," but apparently my fuzzy brain FORGOT about the diagnosis, and this week I was shocked at how incapable I am of crafting cogent thoughts and sentences. Perhaps my decline has been gradual, but it seems to have been revealed to me in full force this week. Additionally, I am experiencing intense bouts of pregnancy amnesia and forget lots of things, finding myself starting most sentences with: "have I said this before?" Or, "I may have already told you this..." Sometimes I don't even have the sense that I am repeating myself and will just blurt out a random thought, and usually get the response from some patient soul like Eric, "thanks honey, you already told me that."

This is almost as unpleasant as BACKNE! Give me the linea negra, cholasma, stretch marks, but please don't take away my ability to communicate! With so many of the physical changes of pregnancy, people excuse your flaws: "oh, she has pregnancy mask. It will go away!" Or, "what a cute line on her belly!" When you are a bumbling idiot, I fear people just think you are dumb...preggo or not. For those poor souls I will meet and have met after Linus and I became a team, they probably think / thought I don't read and haven't written anything worthwhile since my 7th grade report on why the Contender was a "nice book." Many times, I am finding myself struggling for words, or will look at something I have written, and just not feel confident in the spelling.

Adding to my poor communication skills is the fact that fatigue is starting to set in. I think I was so high with anxiety, nausea and vomiting (I know why druggies don't choose anxiety, nausea and vomiting as their mechanism for getting "high"), that I really didn't have the time to get fatigued. I believe I am making up for those bouts of unrelenting fatigue women discuss in the 1st trimester. I am getting relatively sound, uninterrupted sleep, but never seem to feel rested. Humph. I guess this is training for motherhood.

On a positive note, I am pretty much capable of eating whatever I want without trouble, but have been told to stay away from ALL caffeine because of my blood pressure. Let's just say the Thin Mints and Tagalongs that were delivered to my desk at work today were NOT welcome members to my pantry; they have been cast off to the depths of our freezer, awaiting their demise sometime this summer. I was even told those little, delicious bits of chocolate in mint chocolate chip ice cream are worth "staying away from." Do you think they allow sangria and Hershey bars in the post-delivery room?

Along with the appetite, more weight! I am just hoping to goes right to the baby. I had an appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in Decatur, and after their measurements, they think the baby is cruising at the 12th-15th percentile (depending on my June 24th or June 30th due date, respectively). That means that I just need "high risk" ultrasounds at the regular office, unless Linus stops growing, falls under the 10th percentile, or shows any other signs of distress. Urine is still clear of protein, and I am not dealing with any terrible headaches or pitting edema. So far, so good!

Finally, Eric and I have been really dedicated to our Shiva Rea prenatal yoga DVD. It's great! I don't have to talk or write to participate, and don't feel at all guilty for not being adept at the poses (save Child's Pose--could that BE the most comfortable one on the planet?). Perhaps I'll start "communicating" through yoga poses as I get better...a sort of pregnancy sign language so I don't have to rely on my ill placed words and jumbled conversations.

And now, some photos for Aunt T.

The next 3 are from when D and L came to visit us from OH

Okay, this last one from D and L's visit is not pregnancy related...but I just had to share because of the absurdity factor. D and Eric ordered, ate and ENJOYED the "Elvis Burger" from a great burger place in Little Five Points: The Vortex. What is the Elvis Burger you ask? Some huge, greasy patty of meat, slathered with a mountain of PEANUT BUTTER, topped with bacon and fried bananas. Even if I did have the ability to be good with words right now, there just are none for this monstrosity. (The big blob that looks like cheese is peanut butter.)

The next few are our attempt at belly shots. It was late. I was tired and not looking particularly pretty. My mom scolded me for not putting my face in shots, so here you go. I also think that flash made my shirt a little see through. Great.
Eric caught me laughing about, well...if I could remember, I would tell you, and probably tell you again tomorrow.

We are trying to get our first "family" shot, but Eric's arms aren't long enough.
I must end with the standard Eric and Ali shot. I look haggard!

Finally, Eric and I have been really dedicated to our Shiva Rea prenatal yoga DVD...have I said this before? I may have already told you this...


-I am thankful for Old Navy Maternity, and KB's jean donation.

Nixed Names:
Noah, Isaac, Braxton, Hicks, Evan, Owen, Abe, Josef, Dylan, Griffin, Jens, Jan, Nevin, Emil, Milo, Luke, Lucas, Simon


  1. You look gorgeous! Thank you for the pics :-)

    I also agree with you that the childs pose position is the most comfortable ever.

  2. I'm with tracey - you are one "hot momma" (quite literally) :) miss you!

  3. Me, too, Alison. You look beautiful, albeit a bit wan in the last shot. Thanks for allowing us to see the whole lovely mama.
    Feel fortunate - the pregnancy "fuzzy brain" will pass when the baby is born (to be replaced by baby fatigue brain for awhile), but when it's menopausal "fuzzy brain" there's no adorable baby or end in sight! Take my word for it! One learns to litter one's life with helpful notes to navigate the day...

  4. Haha! Take English majors and get them pregnant and what do you get? Two seeming morons! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having trouble communicating. It sounds like other than that, though, you're doing really well. I'm glad to hear (read) it!

  5. I LOVE the pic of you laughing!! That is so great:) Typical Ali! And for Eric, was that burger enjoyable??