Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Instructions

Because my brain is tapped, I thought I would forgo my lengthy posts for once and post some really funny "Baby Instructions" forwarded to me by a friend. Some are rather off color and others just silly, but we all need a good laugh. (Sorry for the strange formatting. I cannot get the pictures to post 2 across. I am NOT grateful for blogger's insert picture function. I find it terribly annoying to use--especially the fact that every picture is inserted at the top of the post, no matter where your cursor is placed. Lots of copying and pasting. Any advice from other bloggers is much appreciated!)


-I am grateful for our Italian shipment today: stroller, car seat and car seat base!

-I am also thankful for dodging the 14+ tornadoes that ripped through Atlanta and neighboring counties.

Nixed Names: As my husband has not decided on a name to cut, I am going to have to leave this part blank. But to add to the picture-themed post, I am including 2 photos from an interior designer's blog that Schlotty sent to me. They are of a nursery that I would just love to have. The feel of the room is so simple and calm. Additionally, there is a picture of stuffed animals that warms my heart; they are the kind of toys I hope to get Linus sometime. I just have to find them, or learn how to sew. (I had a hard enough time making fly-less boxers in middle school so it might be better if I make them appear with some Internet searches and my wallet.)


  1. Hahaaaaa! Great instructional material!

  2. that nursing one is hilarious!

  3. Thank god those are for fun! My eyes were immediately drawn to the pictures before I read what you posted. I was like, "Awww C'MON! Are there seriously that many people who have done these things?!"