Thursday, March 6, 2008

Picture Day

Unfortunately, no pictures with this post, but at least it is about pictures!

Picture day! Back from another OB ulstrasound appointment and I have determined that the best time to get one is at 20 weeks. The baby has grown just enough (more on this later) in the past couple of weeks that he looks more like a human hot pretzel than a distinct baby boy. We did get to confirm his boy parts, again; he's not shy. We also got to take home some additional pictures of Linus to add to the pile. And now: why that pile will increase...

I had my blood pressure (BP) taken, as is protocol at every visit, and I don't even know what it read this time...honestly, I don't want to know. Out of nowhere, the med assistant comes to me with a Polaroid camera. Huh? (Perhaps I subcionsciously wanted my "picture" taken, too.) Well, I was instantly in "glamour shots" mode as she snapped my picture that apparently is the newest addition to the office's "black book" of high risk pregnancies. I guess they take your picture so that all the MDs at the practice can recognize you (and point and laugh, and talk about you at the lunch table). I joked with them that I was now in their "little black book," and that I might as well get a scarlet "HR" appliqued on all of my clothing. At least I wore a dress today and had the mind to straighten my hair. Luckily, my 24 hour urine test and blood work came back normal; read: I am not preeclampsic at this time. Although, this is subject to change, so we will watch and wait.

After waiting way too long in the examining room for the OB, Dr L finally saunters in...9 months pregnant! I have talked to her on the phone before, but never met her: Let's call her Dr Lovely. She was great and much better than Dr Evil, who I, unfortunately, will be seeing in 2 weeks. She reassured me that although they are treating me like a high risk "preeclampsic" patient, that she is not as concerned about me as some others. BUT (and there is one here), according to the ultrasound and my fundal height, Linus is measuring small. I knew something was coming when Tracy Ultrasound (that is her new name) did all the measurements twice, and I had to go see Dr Lovely after the ultrasound. Under the 10th percentile for gestational age is enough for a diagnosis of IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). Linus is at the 8th percentile. Why? Here is the multiple choice options that Dr Lovely presented:

  • Gestational Hypertension / preeclampsia / eclampsia (CHECK!)

  • Uncertain last menstrual period (LMP) (CHECK! for a refresher, check the first few posts)

  • Genetics: constitutionally small babies taking after the parents (CHECK!)

And then the ones that I remember in my slowly deteriorating memory from nursing school:

  • Genetic abnormalities (let's hope not)

  • Smoking / cocaine use (good thing I gave up the Virginia Slims and crack...just kidding!)

  • Infection (no?)

  • Multiple Gestation (no...and if there is a baby or two hiding behind Linus, I might as well go straight into the looney bin)

  • Maternal malnutrition (hmmm...if a 4 month diet of Boost, bagels with cream cheese, trail mix and lemonade constitute malnutrition, this one might be checked. But now I am eating normally, and finding a way to bust out of all of my pre-pregnancy clothing this week.)

  • Low SES (okay, now as much as I complain that E and I are poor, I don't think we technically fall under the category of low SES. We are fortunate enough to have enough money to buy prenatal vitamins, healthcare, organic / healthy / fresh food, etc.)

  • Idiopathic--(I say, CHECK on this one!)

So now what? I go back next week for a regular appointment, in 2 weeks to see Dr Evil, and the nurse will call me back soon with an appointment at the hospital for a "special" ultrasound at the hospital next week that will better determine the placental blood flow. Worst case scenario? The big "BR:" bed rest. Until then, mild exercise (guess I'll keep trying that Yoga thing with Rainbow Brite or whatever her name is), and no panicking. It appears that I will see some MD every week until I deliver. Gotta love the attention.


-I feel so lucky that Eric was able to be at the appointment with me today. Given the volume of future appointments I may have, I know this will not be par for the course, but it was great to have him there.

NIXED NAMES: I'll be honest: we haven't made any more cuts to the name list, so I won't be able to update this part of the post, but I can tell you some other names that were never and never will be considered:

ESPN (esspen), Sir, K Fed, Liberace, Gaylord (love Meet The Parents), Lemonjelo, Jermajesty, Adolf, Ptolemy, and the best one: 4Real. (A demented New Zealand couple came up with it after seeing the baby on an u/s and thought, "wow! this is for real!" Genius. Good thing the NZ authorities blocked their ability to legally use the name as it included a digit. Problem is, they officially named him Superman. I am not kidding.)


  1. Ali,
    I'm sorry to hear about your HBP troubles...On the bright side, you get to see pictures of your little one way more often than most of us. That seems to be an anxiety provoking issue for me...kind of knowing that something is growing inside of me yet not being able to SEE it.
    I'm thinking of you often and I know you and Linus will be just fine!

  2. Alison,
    Your sense of humor is priceless and so well expressed! I give you credit for your courage and positive attitude. It will help keep you and little Linus safe and healthy. There is a whole host of people praying for you!
    Love, Mom