Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boston Baked Belly

Eric is less than 24 hours away from tearing asphalt at the 112th Boston Marathon. Maybe it is the mother in me (EEK! Did I just say that?), or the fact that I am hundreds of miles away from him, but I am probably more nervous than I have ever been for one of his races. Thankfully, he is supported by my parents, his parents, and a third set of "parents" (Great Uncle Big D and Great Aunt G) up in Beantown. Well, Linus is nervous too, and has a message for his Dad:
(I swear I didn't tell him what to say!) If you are interested, you can follow Eric online, or if you are at home 10am EST, you can watch on the Versus network. I also want to wish good luck to the other ATC competitive team members running: Mike, Chris and Stan.

(*Note: as hard as it is to write on your belly backward, upside down, and with a lipstick brush, it is even harder wipe it off.)

I have decided that because I have all sorts of nervous energy to be wasted, and am running on little sleep as Linus set up a hammock on my bladder, and lounges there all night long, that this will be a disjointed and random post.

Non-sequitur #1:

Last night, I found this printed on a onesie on a new website, It should have been included in the previous post. Simply hilarious:Non-sequitur #2:

The Heintz family has started their spring/summer deck garden. The fig tree is sprouting leaves again, and we made a trip to Lowe's to pick out a bunch of flowers. It will take a few weeks for everything to mature into full bloom, but I think it looks pretty good! One of the pictures shows a little lizard, let's call him Waldo, who somehow crawled up three flights to our deck. I'll let you play "Where's Waldo?" with all of the pictures. I still need to master taking pictures, as I just can't ever get the artsy photos I want, but I did try to take a closeup of the unique gerber daisy we planted. We have learned so much about plants and what thrives on our ultra sunny deck, and I hope this year won't have as many casualties as in the past. We have also had to cover each pot and box with decorative rocks, as we have been suffering the wrath of a skinny squirrel digging into our soil to stash his booty of acorns. Eric has a hate-hate relationship with the rodent, and has tried everything from a broom, to a water spray bottle, to now our friend's rodent trap to get this guy. He is one brazen animal, and will soon meet his demise if Eric has anything to do with it. (In a humane way, of course...) You'll also notice Eric's wall of cacti and succulents. If you have ever been to our condo, you will notice that we have accumulated a fair number of desert plants. I am not quite sure where it came from, but my husband is obsessed with prickly plants and succulents. It is like tearing a kid away from a Wii (like that reference?) when we go to IKEA and have to tramps through the plant area on the way to the check-out. He gets lost in the plants, and I have to remind him that we have no more room and no more pots for plants. Oh, and pots! The boy drools even more when we get to the check-out area. Is it the smell of the $1 cinnamon buns? Think again; it is the area by the registers that houses the enormous, modern pots and plant holders. Okay, now I am mesmerized, too (although, the cinnamon buns are about just as tempting, and a lot cheaper), but without a house, our deck just cannot withstand any more pots. And perhaps as a way of connecting non-sequitur #1 and #2, I found the perfect gift for Linus and Dad. It is a recycled plastic indoor gardening set by Green Toys. It is manufactured in CA from recycled curbside milk containers. It is non-toxic, packaged in completely recyclable materials, and is pthalate and BPA free. The gardening set includes 1 peapod-shaped planter tray, 3 planting pots, 1 trowel, soil, and 3 packs organic seeds (Teddy Bear Sunflower, basil, zinnia). So maybe it is for kids age 5+, but I wouldn't put it past my husband to try and teach Linus how to plant sometime this summer.

Non-sequitur #3: new poll to the left!


- Let's shut me up and let pictures speak my gratitudes...

No Nixed Names...still battling it out with 7 names.


  1. I love that Linus is already playing with lipstick. The shade of red is divine! he he he

    Will be following Eric tomorrow!!

  2. If my counting is correct, Eric should be rounding the home stretch soon (and if your lipstick-belly-timer is correct he should be already finished with the BM...HEHEHE)!
    CONGRATULATIONS to all three of you for completing and kicking grass on the marathon of a lifetime!
    I'm inspired (well, sort of)...I may take up running again next year sometime. But just a little running, more like jogging...and for not nearly as long, maybe just 20 minutes or so. Ah, I'm so lazy!