Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thanksgiving came early at the Heintz household...

You know those turkeys that come with pop-up thermometers? I have never felt so akin to my favorite Thanksgiving poultry delight. Since my last post, I have noticed some dramatic changes in my body:

  • My "inny" belly button "popped" out like the turkey thermometer. When I tell you that I had an "inny," I mean I had a deep, dark, scary tunnel of a belly button. I am almost certain it could have been classified as a black hole. Well, I noticed last week that I could see the inner workings of my belly button as it is almost flush with my belly! (Warning, this photo may disturb some viewers.)
  • Speaking of the belly, I certainly feel like I am much bigger. I still get the occasional, "you cannot be 28 are so tiny!" "Why are you so small? Is something wrong?" (I think I might carry my belly shot progression to show people that this IS big for me. Plus, when people don't know that your baby potentially has intrauterine growth restriction, and you are ashamed to admit that you have looked at the Internet and aren't ruling out delivering a primordial dwarf, or a baby with progeria, the comments seem harmless.) I have gotten the "you are really filling out" from a co-worker. Although, I am not sure that comment sits well with me, either. My belly may be small, but Linus is still doing wild circus tumbles. I have likened Linus's kicks to "popcorn" in the past. Not so much anymore...he uses quite a bit of force to kick and punch the right side of my belly. My belly feels heavy, too. I feel like I am smuggling a big honeydew melon.
  • Speaking of smuggling food, in addition to the melon, I also feel like I am carrying 2 big bags of room temperature pizza dough in my bra. This gratis breast augmentation is no longer a welcome gift. I may be in the minority, but until they serve their purpose for Linus, they just get in the way. Sticking with the food theme, (I am visual person, people!), is their blue cheese pizza dough? Perhaps that is the most accurate description. I guess this is normal, but the veins in my midsection are SO obvious now. From my neck on down, my skin is incredibly transparent, and you can see the whole network of veins.
  • Speaking of skin, I am about ready to scratch it all off! And I thought winter itch was bad. My belly feels so tight and itchy, and my thighs are screaming for me to grow my nails out. The thing about this itching is that the more you scratch, the more it itches! Luckily, I have moisturizer with me all of the time, and will do a quick belly slather when no one is looking. I really enjoyed the free sample of Curel pregnancy moisturizer that I got through one of Schlotty's daily "free sample" e-mails. It lasts incredibly long, and smells nice, too.

  • Speaking of smelling, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my congestion. It is not that my sinuses are full of mucus, but I can tell the blood vessels are swelling, and contribute to a constant feeling of "stuffiness." Why wasn't this adaptation more prominent in the first trimester when the very thought of a noxious smell made me gag?

Before you all start judging the elastic waist pants on the next few shots, let me tell you that they are the most comfortable pair of chinos I have ever worn. They are still a little baggy in the rear end, but I am easily working on filling out that area (much like my arms and pizza dough chest). And at $10.99 clearance (thank you Old Navy), you can't go wrong.
Here are some face shots for my mom. Perhaps I look "wan" in these, too...that is what happens late at night.

And this is my "I feel full and portly!" pose.
And the classic. You can't forget my better half (I love him so much, it gives me the chills! Can't you see my hair stand on end? Oh wait, that's my crazy cowlick coiffure).


-I am grateful for SPRING! I do know that the allergy fairy, sprinkling her yellow fairy dust all over, just about drives the city nutty, but I would rather deal with pollen on my car than snow. Plus, snow just turns into grey, sludge, whereas the pollen is always followed by beautiful blossoms and weather. I don't have allergies, but can empathize now with my pregnancy congestion.

-I am thankful that Eric's parents are able to see him run the Boston Marathon on April 21. As I am stuck in Atlanta with my high risk status, I am not going to be able to travel up to Boston in a few weeks. I am thinking about taking some PTO and watching it live on Versus network at home. I do feel good about him having his 4 parents there to cheer him on!

-I am also incredibly thankful and grateful for (great) Aunt GF's health. We love her dearly, and glad things are okay. (Those who need to know will understand.)

Nixed Names: MAX, CHARLES, Oscar, Noah, Isaac, Braxton, Hicks, Evan, Owen, Abe, Josef, Dylan, Griffin, Jens, Jan, Nevin, Emil, Milo, Luke, Lucas, Simon. NOTE! We are now down to 12 names on our list.


  1. Thank you for my birthday gift. i love you, you have really grown and look really big. Yay!

    I'm getting more and more excited to meet the little one.

  2. You look FANTASTIC! Love the belly shots.

    I will send you my own pregnancy lotion sample since I have no use for it!

  3. You look amazing! I can't wait to meet him!

  4. Oh my goodness! You've blossomed with the spring, although being such a small person, what's big for you is tiny for most everyone else. You look great, Alison! Have to laugh about the cowlick... You had a huge one as a baby, and we determined that you would always have to have somewhat long hair or else it would turn into a rooster coxcomb (from one visual person to another)!

  5. Oh how this last update made me smile. Ali, the pizza dough comment brought back memories for me big time. They did get in the way and I hated them. Also, you and Eric not only share a birthday but you both have a cowlick...Look out Linus...And if it's any consolation, Eric felt like a bowling ball...Hang in there and I look forward to seeing you both real soon. You are just too cute...

  6. Hi Ali,
    I love your pictures! You are so adorable with your portly belly(and--from one preggo to another--I mean that in a very very very nice way). It must feel nice to have some physical proof of the life inside you (I'm still waiting on that one). I'm sorry you won't be able to make it to Boston but you should definately watch it live...Keep up the good work!

  7. That was the funniest post! I am laughing out loud in coffee shop right now! Speaking of smuggling food... HAhahaa!

  8. Ohmygod. Belly buttons make me barf. Now I'm barfing with you, thankyouverymuch!

    Feel better!