Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Appendix A: Shower Video Footage

I don't even know how this was taken (Sully's camera?), but it is for all of you requesting preggo shots. You can get the full "bus/cow" experience (there are a slight few who understand that reference due to a recent e-mail chain of fun), and how shocked we were at receiving the print as a gift.

This is an Appendix to the shower post, so no gratitudes (although, I am thankful the AC at work is on high), but I would like to mention that there have been 2 people who have guessed the Welsh middle name--and they did not conspire together--they don't even know each other. Unfortunately, it may not be the one making the cut.


  1. It's great to see the video! Almost as good as Skype!
    I chuckle to see the related videos are for 2 1/2 men!!!

  2. Sorry about all the exclamation points....

  3. Yes, the video was taken on my digital camera. So glad you both liked the gift:)