Monday, May 26, 2008

"I'm 'out' like a preemie..."

That is our new favorite phrase. For anyone who has ever dealt with a premature baby, you can attest to the fact that they love to sleep. It is amazing how instantaneous deep sleep happens for the special "ultra little ones." This, of course, makes sense given the fact that they were supposed to be sleeping for an additional "x" # of weeks (6 in Miles's case). Now, we wake them up every 3 hours, make them work for food, prick their heels, do physical therapy on crooked feet, try to initiate breast feeding, change clothing, etc. It's a lot of stimulation, and if they are not sneezing, hiccuping or putting their hands in front of their faces (all signs of over stimulation), they are fast asleep, not even disturbed by the chaotic noises in the NICU.

We had hoped to have Miles Linus home with us for Memorial day, but he is having some trouble maintaining his temperature, and his darn bilirubin level has gone back up. We are hoping the phototherapy is not started again, as it means he'll be there longer, and it also makes it harder for him to be alert for feedings, but we trust that whatever the neonatologist says is backed by sound information.

Again, thank you for continued support. It's overwhelming. We have been lucky to have had many of our meals taken care of (one of the biggest helps!), and hope that soon we'll have Miles at home to thank you all in person!

Until next time, we are "'out' like a preemie..."

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  1. So, I had to google "bilirubin" and still cannot figure out how in the world it got it's name. But, I've been able to figure out that I sure hope that bilirubin level stays down down down!