Monday, May 19, 2008

Miles's 4th day

First, a warm thank you to everyone for their prayers, thoughtful messages, and eagerness to help out as Eric and I are just about thrown into the biggest challenge of our lives. We were a bit eager in thinking that Miles Linus would be home Sunday or Monday, but it appears he'll be hangin' out in the NICU for an undetermined amount of time. Each baby is individual, but the general NICU rule of thumb is: expect him home around his due date. Great. There are the 6 weeks of my maternity leave! He is off oxygen, and does not require any medication. He is still on IV nutrition, but is gavaged fed whatever I can produce at this point. Miles is already concerned about the ladies (he has a hot 2lb girl in an isolet next to him. We call her Kitty Kat because she cries like a kitten), and decided he wanted to tan. So, he is under the bili lights until his jaundice clears. (The little velcro sunglasses he wears are way cute).

Given that I have been discharged, Eric and I are trying to be at the NICU as much as possible. He feeds every 3 hours, so 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, midnight, 3am...he feeds. And in between? We are driving back and forth to the hospital, and I am pumping what I can to give him. Currently, I am in the waiting area downstairs, trying to catch some downtime before I hole up in the pumping room again. (Too much information? Be glad I haven't gone into the labor and delivery story! I am more than happy to share 1 on 1. Let me just say that my pregnancy was *rough,* but I was blessed to have an incredibly fast and clean labor/delivery from what the critics say.) We are trying to follow lactation's recommendations and avoid introducing a bottle as long as possible and we are working on latching-on like it is my job. Well, it is! He is slowly catching on...but I guess he thought he had another 6 weeks before working so hard.

Again, thanks to everyone for their help. We were so lucky to have CD and KM on the "labor team." Most importantly, my husband has been amazing through all of this. For a kid hoping the child would be born at 2 years old so he could skip that scary "infant stage," he is taking on to being a father of a premature baby quite well. We have both confirmed that we are more and more in love with each other than we have ever been.

I am glad that my in-laws came right back down, along with my mother, from lands far away...and they had just been in town a week before! We appreciate all of the support, and know that it is going to be a tough couple of weeks, but we feel blessed to have such great friends.

Given the insanity of our schedules trying to care for a premature baby that is not in our home, we will have limited access to e-mail, internet, and phone as we cannot use them in the NICU. Please don't take any lack of communication personally.

We'll post more pictures, and hope that sooner than later, we can have a "coming home" picture!


  1. Hang in there! You can do it!

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you , of course. In case it makes you feel better, my great uncle was 2.5 pounds when he was born and he turned out to be a very healthy, 6'4" man now in his 70s. I am sure Little Miles Linus is getting the best care possible and will thrive with the love surrounding him. (By the way, if your company is over 50 people, I am pretty sure you are eligible for more than 6 weeks off through FMLA).

  3. Please tell me we get a picture of Miles in velcro sunglasses. Please.

  4. What a challenge... albeit a wonderful one! Everything will work out in time as Miles grows stronger and more used to being "on the outside"... I am sure that he is a "strapping" big baby next to some in the NICU... a boon to his getting ready to go home! My thoughts, prayers and best, best wishes are with you all!

    love, Dilys

  5. FMLA only kicks in after you have been some place for 1 year. I will hit 1 year in September. :(

  6. He's beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm glad you are both safe and recovering. Hang in there!

    Can you telecommute from work for a few weeks or at least a few days a week?

  7. Grace under pressure - that's what you are both exhibiting - with an element of humor. Take good care of yourselves as well as Miles.

  8. Ali,
    I am so proud of you and Erik. You are such wonderful parents already. I know that once little ML comes home, you'll already be a pro (with some great advice to hand down to us novices, no doubt).
    Take care of your little man,