Monday, May 5, 2008

We may have to add "Trebek" to the name list...


Anyone else absolutely love the show? How about the ridiculously sexy picture of Alex Trebek I found on the net? (Please inject a lot of sarcasm right about now.) We continue to vascillate between 2 names, and are not going to consider Alex and certainly not consider Trebek for Linus's name, but there is Jeopardy related news happening in the Heintz household.

Bad News: Even though I thought the HS girls' state track meet was the last thing to take my husband away from me for the next few months, I was wrong. He is heading to OH at the beginning of June.

Good News: 1) He is going to Cleveland, OH. I know, not what you would initially think of as "good news," but for 1, his family lives right outside of the city, and 2) he is heading up north because he got selected to move on to round 2 of Jeopardy casting! He apparently passed the online test to a point that he is flying up to OH to take the next round of testing. He takes another written test, and if he passes again, he goes on a "mock" trial of the TV version to see if he is "TV" worthy. Any suggestions on how he can win the hearts of the casting agents is welcome. How fun!

I better not deliver early...moving into week 33 at the beginning of May makes me realize how close to delivery I'll be June 11 (when he goes). So, anyone who is close to Atlanta is on baby duty while Eric is gone. I am not delivering a baby alone!

No more real baby updates. Just plumping up, getting less sleep, and constantly pushing Linus's heel away from my right ribs.


-I am so thankful for some of the recent girls' night adventures.
-I am thankful that I am not on bedrest, and seem to be maintaining stable BP.

First, I would like to note that Eric is now going to be the final decider of Linus's name. I know with time, I won't like either choice more than the other, so Eric is going to sit on it for a week or two, and perhaps make the final decision.

Clue: Only 1 of the names has a "last"ing family connection.

Clue: The 4 names (2 first, 2 middle) have the following origins: Greek, German, Welsh, Latin


  1. i don't think i've ever been so jealous of eric in all of my life. good luck with the test!

  2. That picture of Trebek is disturbing. Go Eric!

  3. Aghhh!! Fozzie was first-up on the screen, replaced by trebek??? IiIIIiiIiiIiIIiiIcky!!! ;)

  4. Wow, that's awesome that Eric might be on the show! You'll have to let us know when that might be so we can watch! :)
    And of course, Eddie and I are in Atlanta and just a phone call away :)

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  6. "I'll take S Words for 400 Alex."

  7. I agree with samkay64 - that is a creepy photo. Better in a tidy suit...

    Go Eric! Think of some quirky anecdote to share with the viewing audience.

    I know one of the names!!

  8. Jason wants to know if Eric phrases everything in the form of a question now. Good luck! (And, we sure hope Eric gets back to Atlanta before the baby arrives).