Monday, June 30, 2008

Age? Zero

It's hard to believe, but Miles has just now surpassed his original due date. The official due date was the 24th, but Eric and I always believed it was the 30th for many reasons... Therefore, Miles is now 6 weeks adjusted or "zero" expected. It's only been 6 weeks, but it is astonishing how much has happened. Just to recall how far we have come:(It's hard to remember being pregnant! I do clearly remember taking the "pre-pitocin" pictures, feeling like I was just playing "labor and delivery," as though it wasn't really happening. Come 10pm, and the pitocin in running through my veins, my land of make believe was VERY real.)

And this next one was the night he was born in the NICU...before more tubes were shoved into the poor peanut's orifices, and he was under bili lights. We'll post some more photos of our chunker, soon. We are getting our ducks in a line for 2 closings this week (condo and house), and I begin work, to top it all off. Eek! In the meantime, please enjoy the following photos taken at our condo last night. Eric would like me to mention that he did not digitally enhance any of these! It was a strange night, and the color of the sky was so bizarre...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nana and Grandpop arrive

Nana and Grandpop arrived and have been spending some QT with the little one. Here are some pictures of the grandparents snuggling with Miles Linus. This was the first time Grandpop had seen Miles!Don't look so frightened Grandpop!I would like to note that Grandpop is wearing a Cleveland Indians T-shirt in honor of the other grandparental units: Grandma and Opa Heintz.

And here are the other obligatory cute pictures of Miles Linus.

The token "sleeping on bare chested Pappi" pictures (my husband must hate me for continuing to post pictures of him without a shirt on):
The next few are pictures from last night when Miles was alert and working on his social smiling. Thanks to Great Aunt D and Cousin A for the adorable preemie outfit. Breaking news! We did see him smile and hear a little chuckle from him when he was sleeping on my lap the other night. Both were followed by a large TOOT. Classy, Miles, real classy...

Friday, June 20, 2008


I wanted to start with the wonderful Father's Day card Uncle N made for Eric. He is also the artist who created the cute Linus baby shower invites for one of our showers. I would also like to recognize his 30th birthday! It was a few days ago, but it was great to talk to him and hear he had a wonderful surprise party in "the grove." What makes me laugh is that a long time ago Uncle N said that it would be great for Miles to be born on June 15th (his birthday). I thought to myself, "yeah, that would be WAY too early." Who would have thunk... It is official: Miles is now 6.4lbs! According to the "charts," he is in the 0.8% for weight. We are almost at 1%! He is getting all of that scrumdiddly leg chunkage, and is apparently acting like a typical 1 month old. Life is hard having all of your needs met, and Miles lets us know that with his well oiled pipes. The pediatrician said not many 1 month old babies are particularly happy all of the time, so his crankiness is not to get in a tizzy about.

We have graduated from the stationary Boppy lounger to the Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. Much like the car seat, Miles has a little more growing to do before he actually fits.With the advent of summer, Eric and I are now on a "get back into shape" kick. As Miles packs on the "el bees," we are trying to tone up. Eric is only a few weeks off from the end of his marathon training, but it has been since October since I was in good shape, so I have a bit more work to do. Tomorrow I run for the first time in months. I am so glad I started this during the hottest months in Atlanta (read: sarcasm). Much like having a baby, selling and buying property in the span of a week, I like to do things the hard way.

Lest you think we have abandoned yoga...we have graduated to the library of Rodney Yee's Power Yoga series. It is for "beginners," but I don't know how many beginners can do the crazy pretzel moves he does! The only disappointing part is that we did some research on Yee in an attempt to find out how old this yogi really is. Well, we found out he is over 50, but also that he cheated on his wife with a student whom he then later married. And his now wife initially thought of him as arrogant and humorless. Ah well. Namaste.

And in other news, our baby has asserted himself as a ladies' man. He tends to prefer to rest in the arms of any willing female (except he does love spending time with Pappi!). Here he is with Tante K.
I would like to end by making a brief comment about the Gloucester teen pregnancy debacle. For those who have not heard about it, Google "Gloucester" and "teen pregnancy." I don't know what all is hyperbole, or what is real news, but the fact that 17 girls 16 and younger are intentionally pregnant in an attempt to secure "unconditional love" makes me, well, really sad. I will be the first to tell you that at this point, this child does not have unconditional love for anything but my breast. I am not sure how I feel about "children" having children to experience "love," as I feel like having a baby is so much more about giving unconditional love. I need to reiterate that having a baby is just about the best thing in the world...and I just hope that all of these girls are ready to give more of themselves than they ever imagined.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All Up in Alex's Junk

This is Eric's third blog and it won't be nearly as cute as those with pictures of Miles.
I got back from my Jeopardy try-out last week and it was a crazy experience. It was mostly crazy because I had two flights in less than 20 hours once you factor in the three hour delay I was blessed with on Wednesday night. I crammed as best I could by thankfully praying to E. D. Hirsch for the 6 hours I was at the airport and on the plane, but it could never replace the fact that I had done nothing for the month preceding it despite the best of intentions. Having a delightfully cute and entertaining son born six weeks prematurely seems to change your academic preparation. I had to rest on the laurels of my Mentor High not-so liberal arts education and it didn't do me so well. More on that later...

I arrived at the Cleveland Renaissance? Hotel cringing at the $12 parking fee. However, that will pale in comparison to my eventual winnings so I pressed on to the conference room. There were already a bunch of people filling out paperwork and as I looked around, I saw too many college professors from schools we have never heard of, coffee shop baristas, and overweight bookstore women. I was different. I was young. Only three of us (out of thirty) were under thirty. Most were in their late forties or fifties. I was different. I was dapper. My khaki suit (the one I got married in) was coupled with a blue button down and sandals. It was a beautiful thing. I looked like a true Southern Gentleman walking to Paula Dean's restaurant for some biscuit comfort after a rough night at a Preakness after-party.

After awkward instructions and random seating, the lot of us sat down to our pencil-and-paper test. This was administered to make sure you weren't in a room full of trivia freaks or googling with one hand and answering with the other while you passed the online test. You had to answer at least 35 of the 50 questions correctly with only eight seconds to answer. I got at least 35 of them right but was sorely disappointed at my failing memory and angry at the others potentials that had 20-40 more years to study than me. Kudos to my English education as a Laker as I missed three of the four literature questions; I am sure after four years of Language Arts (and actually reading books) my Cardinal cohort would have known that Herman freakin' Melville wrote Moby freakin' Dick and not "my mind totally went blank, but I know it is the guy who wrote Moby Dick." Seriously, I answered that. In any case, I had at least three questions that I wrote the correct answer and then crossed it out and put a wrong one. Did you know there is a city called "THE Hague." WTF Mate? A city that begin with "the?" In any case, I passed. It was at this point that the MC announced that we were all eligible to be on the show and we could be called any time in the next 18 months to be on the show. There are 1500 of us for between 400 and 600 spots. It is not a random draw though, they pick who they want (unfortunately not who I want). Advantage Eric. I am not an old, overweight, bookshelf stocker drinking a double soy mocha latte between terms of teaching Kierkegaard to undergrads that coincidentally don't care about the class because it is too difficult.

We do get to play the game a little and during this activity I did wonderfully average. I missed some easy questions including one on Raphael and one on Hans Holbein (surprisingly not the Younger). I do think that I did no worse than others but certainly no better. Some girl next to me knew every movie ever made including a PBR reference from "Blue Velvet." David Lynch movies suck too much to be on Jeopardy. This was followed by a brief interview in which I stammered a bit but made them laugh as well. It was an average performance despite being able to discuss compound interest.

We were dismissed about two hours after we began and I left with my head held high. I did acquire one memento of the event: a Jeopardy pen.

This quickly reminded me of the power of the pen and I am not talking about the 7th grade English project we all got suckered into doing.

Now, I am just trying to forget about it so that when they call me in December 2009, it will be a wonderful surprise. Time to go study for "Months that Begin with 'Feb'...."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Pappi Day

What a weekend! We were blessed to be a part of just the loveliest wedding between "Big E" and "Bonert." It was also the first time we really left Miles for an extended period of time. Although, he was escorted to the wedding by a his new girlfriend--for a few days, Miles got to play with C-A-Roll! And by play, I mean poop for her, pee ON her, cry, and eat. It's what he does best. We cannot thank her enough for taking such great care of Miles. He just slept in her arms during the ceremony, and saved all his screaming until we got home. It was an exhausting weekend, but everyone made it out without too much soiled clothing! We really do have the best friends...

Eric celebrated his first Father's day! We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at a family friend's house. Unfortunately, Eric (and maybe I) have been starting to feel the beginnings of a cold. Fingers crossed it is just residual exhaustion.

I will let Eric post about his Jeopardy experience; it was great!

And now, picture time. Here are Mommy and Pappi at the rehearsal dinner, trying not to look fatigued.
This is Mommy thinking, "I hope Miles is not peeing on C-A-Roll right now!"Here are a few of Pappi and Mee-lays. Notice the stripped bed. Miles peed all the way through to our mattress pad while we were all snuggling Father's Day morning. And finally, the "look how big I am getting" shots. Miles is slowly growing into his car seat. These pictures are also precious as he is not crying in the car seat (another favorite past time). We have realized that Miles HATES being restricted (swaddling, car seat, holding his arms...the UTERUS apparently). And the most recent nicknames?
Tooter McGavin
SAT Tooter

If you hadn't guessed, this kid likes to Toot. The only problem is that he really doesn't like tooting...he struggles so hard! We may not have projectile spit-ups, but we have a struggling pooper and tooter.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'll make it a true daily double, Alex

Miles (aka squirt) and I dropped Eric off at the MARTA to fly up to OH for his 2nd round of Jeopardy tryouts! Tonight will be interesting, and a little scary without Eric, but this could be our ticket to Miles's college education. We are rooting (no breastfeeding pun intended) for Dad! (Let's hope there are no literature or ballet questions...)

Things on the preemie front are going really well. We have ventured out of condo isolation quite a few times, but usually in the early morning or late evening to avoid the unbearable heat. Today we took an early morning walk at Marist while Eric held morning XC summer practice. It felt great! I am looking forward to getting out and starting to walk and run again...I think it will help with the fatigue (and the last few pounds I need to get rid of).Currently, we are trying to figure out what to do about childcare. My maternity leave essentially ends at the point I thought I would be starting it. There is not a chance in "H-E-double hockey sticks" that I can get him in any daycare, nor would I want to put a brand new premature baby in any daycare that would readily and quickly accept a premature baby in a matter of 2 weeks. You figure, after 6 weeks, he will essentially be "zero weeks" as right now we consider him "minus 2" weeks old. A nanny is out of the questions financially and we are just keeping our fingers crossed something works out. It's one of those things you throw to the universe, hoping it will just resolve.

As an homage to the nixed names segment of previous posts, I am going to list the current pet names this poor child has endured from his parents. Let's hope he doesn't have any identity problems in the future:

Squirt (Self-explanatory if you spend any time with Miles. From the top to the bottom, he likes to squirt)
Bub, Bud, Buddy (These are just Eric's names of choice. Not my favorite.)
Baby 's (For some reason, I call him "baby." I realize it is like calling your dog, "dog," and am trying to get out of the habit)
Old Man
Mee-lays (Alternative pronunciation for Miles Eric came up with.)

And the best nickname echoing around the house? Eric calls himself "Pappi" or "Pop-Pop." It makes me laugh...I have no idea what inspired him to call himself names that I consider grand parental names, but it is so stinkin' precious. I honestly live with the 2 cutest boys on the planet.

Obligatory Miles pictures to follow. (I know...this is nauseating overkill, but we are doting parents, and entertaining our entire family, none of whom live anywhere near us to be able to see our growing boy!)

This series of pictures is dubbed "chillin' like a villain." Please notice the large volume of sleeping pictures. Do not let this fool you into thinking we sleep all day in our condo. The brief respite, in the form of naps, are so precious, we usually like to document them to remind ourselves that they do, actually, happen...

"Mommy and baby napping""Pappi and Squirt napping" (We know...the pillow is a little close to Squirt's face.) "Sleeping Pope Miles Linus the First"This one is, "Mom, I just peed through my cute outfit!""All I need is a hammock and a breastmilk mojito"And finally, this one made us laugh; it's called, "MINE!" subtitle, "don't even think of getting near my food source. I'll poop on you."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sleeping like a baby...

I am not sure who came up with the phrase "sleeping like a baby," but it is not the anthem in our house. There was the few days of Miles being "out like a preemie," but now he is turning into a big boy, and found his vocal cords as well as a game he likes to play called, "let's keep mommy up every 2 hours at night." (Sleep deprivation is not my best look.) He still maintains a lot of his preemie qualities, and I was foolish to think that I could reduce pumping because he was feeding longer as my supply has started to diminish (eek!). So, I am back to playing the role of Milky White for 24 hours a day (or as RS's sister called herself, the Dairy Queen).

We had a wonderful weekend with Aunt H and Uncle R from OH. It was a quick trip, but so great to see them. Uncle R also held a "photo shoot" with Miles, and we got some real Anne Geddes action. We cannot wait to see how the photos turn out and will share them with you.

Miles is still turning heads wherever he goes, and people love to hear he is minus 3 weeks old. Of his accomplishments (outside of feeding, crying and eliminating), his umbilical cord fell off, he weighed in at 5lb 4oz the other day, and he...drum roll...has turned from his tummy to his back 2 times! We think his slight body has helped with the rolling as he does it with his legs, and not his upper body, but we like to think he is ahead of the curve on something...especially since he is in the 0.5 percentile of his weight class.

Of course, obligatory pictures. One of Miles in a milk coma, and the other at the beginning of tummy time (he still hates it). And I realize that I am no longer writing down gratitudes. Honestly, there are too many to note. (And we are up to our ears in thank you notes that still need to be written!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home (and pictures of Miles Linus of course)

I am not sure I am awake enough to put together any sort of cogent thought, so this will be a "picture post." At the new house inspection Eric took some pictures. Of course, the furnishings will be different, and we plan to put are mark on it with a kitchen, 2 bathroom and laundry room renovations; radiant heating (or new furnace), new front door, and of course, there will be lots of outdoor changes if Eric has anything to do with it. For those who asked: we did sell the condo. We actually were under contract right before Miles Linus was born. Just didn't want to jinx anything by telling everyone. We are going to rent it BACK from the new owners all of July, and close on the new house July 3rd. So, all of July we will have 2 homes, but can move over a few weeks. We also have additional spaces for people to stay who visit! The house is not at all what we were originally looking at, but how things change once you have a baby...what you realize you can and want to afford, and where you are located start to make a real difference. Miles Linus's childcare will be at Marist, and even though we will have a longer drive to see most of our friends in the fun, "cool" neighborhoods, Eric will have upwards of 5+ additional hours at home with the family. That time is priceless.

Outside:Dated kitchen:Casual living area:Formal living area:One of 3 bedrooms, and both bathrooms:And now, the star of the show!

We title this: "I hate being on my tummy." (subtitle, "ignore my crusty eye. We think it is a blocked tear duct.")
"Look Grandma and Opa, I am as big as my dog Barkley!" (Linus's first stuffed animal given to him in utero on Christmas from the Ohio grandparents).
"Call me Eric Jr." There hasn't been one person who hasn't independently identified the paternity of this child. I think that Dr Evil (not the OB I dislike, but Mike Meyers) and mini me are on the short list for Halloween costumes. That, or Miles will be a turtle. We think he looks like a turtle. Like father like son. You'll notice that we are turning into a "no shirt" home. For me, it is about easy access to the milk machine (I now go by "Milky White." Name the musical that is from!), but with temperatures cresting 90 degrees in Hotlanta, and an intense distaste for laundry on both Eric and my part, we are both rockin' the "less is more" fashion.This is the "reverse breastfeeding burrito hold." We learned this from a great DVD called "The Happiest Baby on the Block," from which we learned the 5 techniques to calm a fussy baby. He almost looks fake here.
That's all she wrote...