Monday, June 30, 2008

Age? Zero

It's hard to believe, but Miles has just now surpassed his original due date. The official due date was the 24th, but Eric and I always believed it was the 30th for many reasons... Therefore, Miles is now 6 weeks adjusted or "zero" expected. It's only been 6 weeks, but it is astonishing how much has happened. Just to recall how far we have come:(It's hard to remember being pregnant! I do clearly remember taking the "pre-pitocin" pictures, feeling like I was just playing "labor and delivery," as though it wasn't really happening. Come 10pm, and the pitocin in running through my veins, my land of make believe was VERY real.)

And this next one was the night he was born in the NICU...before more tubes were shoved into the poor peanut's orifices, and he was under bili lights. We'll post some more photos of our chunker, soon. We are getting our ducks in a line for 2 closings this week (condo and house), and I begin work, to top it all off. Eek! In the meantime, please enjoy the following photos taken at our condo last night. Eric would like me to mention that he did not digitally enhance any of these! It was a strange night, and the color of the sky was so bizarre...

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  1. Happy ZERO Birthday! Mommy, Daddy, AND Baby all made it through these six weeks with grace.

    I am so ready to come and see you guys - I cannot believe I still have to wait a whole month!