Friday, June 20, 2008


I wanted to start with the wonderful Father's Day card Uncle N made for Eric. He is also the artist who created the cute Linus baby shower invites for one of our showers. I would also like to recognize his 30th birthday! It was a few days ago, but it was great to talk to him and hear he had a wonderful surprise party in "the grove." What makes me laugh is that a long time ago Uncle N said that it would be great for Miles to be born on June 15th (his birthday). I thought to myself, "yeah, that would be WAY too early." Who would have thunk... It is official: Miles is now 6.4lbs! According to the "charts," he is in the 0.8% for weight. We are almost at 1%! He is getting all of that scrumdiddly leg chunkage, and is apparently acting like a typical 1 month old. Life is hard having all of your needs met, and Miles lets us know that with his well oiled pipes. The pediatrician said not many 1 month old babies are particularly happy all of the time, so his crankiness is not to get in a tizzy about.

We have graduated from the stationary Boppy lounger to the Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. Much like the car seat, Miles has a little more growing to do before he actually fits.With the advent of summer, Eric and I are now on a "get back into shape" kick. As Miles packs on the "el bees," we are trying to tone up. Eric is only a few weeks off from the end of his marathon training, but it has been since October since I was in good shape, so I have a bit more work to do. Tomorrow I run for the first time in months. I am so glad I started this during the hottest months in Atlanta (read: sarcasm). Much like having a baby, selling and buying property in the span of a week, I like to do things the hard way.

Lest you think we have abandoned yoga...we have graduated to the library of Rodney Yee's Power Yoga series. It is for "beginners," but I don't know how many beginners can do the crazy pretzel moves he does! The only disappointing part is that we did some research on Yee in an attempt to find out how old this yogi really is. Well, we found out he is over 50, but also that he cheated on his wife with a student whom he then later married. And his now wife initially thought of him as arrogant and humorless. Ah well. Namaste.

And in other news, our baby has asserted himself as a ladies' man. He tends to prefer to rest in the arms of any willing female (except he does love spending time with Pappi!). Here he is with Tante K.
I would like to end by making a brief comment about the Gloucester teen pregnancy debacle. For those who have not heard about it, Google "Gloucester" and "teen pregnancy." I don't know what all is hyperbole, or what is real news, but the fact that 17 girls 16 and younger are intentionally pregnant in an attempt to secure "unconditional love" makes me, well, really sad. I will be the first to tell you that at this point, this child does not have unconditional love for anything but my breast. I am not sure how I feel about "children" having children to experience "love," as I feel like having a baby is so much more about giving unconditional love. I need to reiterate that having a baby is just about the best thing in the world...and I just hope that all of these girls are ready to give more of themselves than they ever imagined.


  1. I love the card! Such talent!

    Good luck getting back into running - I can't wait to hear if/how pregnancy has changed your running. Miss you!

  2. He's got meat on the legs AND on the cheeks! "ahh... the better to squeeze you with, my dear." Oh Miles, watch out, this lady's ready for you to snuggle up to her!!!

    Great to talk to you today, momma!

    And Uncle N obvi was so thoughtful in making a TURTLE daddy's day card (insert, "awwww" here!).