Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Pappi Day

What a weekend! We were blessed to be a part of just the loveliest wedding between "Big E" and "Bonert." It was also the first time we really left Miles for an extended period of time. Although, he was escorted to the wedding by a his new girlfriend--for a few days, Miles got to play with C-A-Roll! And by play, I mean poop for her, pee ON her, cry, and eat. It's what he does best. We cannot thank her enough for taking such great care of Miles. He just slept in her arms during the ceremony, and saved all his screaming until we got home. It was an exhausting weekend, but everyone made it out without too much soiled clothing! We really do have the best friends...

Eric celebrated his first Father's day! We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at a family friend's house. Unfortunately, Eric (and maybe I) have been starting to feel the beginnings of a cold. Fingers crossed it is just residual exhaustion.

I will let Eric post about his Jeopardy experience; it was great!

And now, picture time. Here are Mommy and Pappi at the rehearsal dinner, trying not to look fatigued.
This is Mommy thinking, "I hope Miles is not peeing on C-A-Roll right now!"Here are a few of Pappi and Mee-lays. Notice the stripped bed. Miles peed all the way through to our mattress pad while we were all snuggling Father's Day morning. And finally, the "look how big I am getting" shots. Miles is slowly growing into his car seat. These pictures are also precious as he is not crying in the car seat (another favorite past time). We have realized that Miles HATES being restricted (swaddling, car seat, holding his arms...the UTERUS apparently). And the most recent nicknames?
Tooter McGavin
SAT Tooter

If you hadn't guessed, this kid likes to Toot. The only problem is that he really doesn't like tooting...he struggles so hard! We may not have projectile spit-ups, but we have a struggling pooper and tooter.


  1. love that hat! :) he does look bigger!

    oh and his parents look fantastic as well!

  2. My goodness! Miles has really grown! I had to go back in time and view his earlier car seat photos, and it's remarkable! It will be neat to see how big he weighs at his doctor's visit this week!
    I agree with Amy that you parents look wonderful. There's no indication of how tired you must be.