Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home (and pictures of Miles Linus of course)

I am not sure I am awake enough to put together any sort of cogent thought, so this will be a "picture post." At the new house inspection Eric took some pictures. Of course, the furnishings will be different, and we plan to put are mark on it with a kitchen, 2 bathroom and laundry room renovations; radiant heating (or new furnace), new front door, and of course, there will be lots of outdoor changes if Eric has anything to do with it. For those who asked: we did sell the condo. We actually were under contract right before Miles Linus was born. Just didn't want to jinx anything by telling everyone. We are going to rent it BACK from the new owners all of July, and close on the new house July 3rd. So, all of July we will have 2 homes, but can move over a few weeks. We also have additional spaces for people to stay who visit! The house is not at all what we were originally looking at, but how things change once you have a baby...what you realize you can and want to afford, and where you are located start to make a real difference. Miles Linus's childcare will be at Marist, and even though we will have a longer drive to see most of our friends in the fun, "cool" neighborhoods, Eric will have upwards of 5+ additional hours at home with the family. That time is priceless.

Outside:Dated kitchen:Casual living area:Formal living area:One of 3 bedrooms, and both bathrooms:And now, the star of the show!

We title this: "I hate being on my tummy." (subtitle, "ignore my crusty eye. We think it is a blocked tear duct.")
"Look Grandma and Opa, I am as big as my dog Barkley!" (Linus's first stuffed animal given to him in utero on Christmas from the Ohio grandparents).
"Call me Eric Jr." There hasn't been one person who hasn't independently identified the paternity of this child. I think that Dr Evil (not the OB I dislike, but Mike Meyers) and mini me are on the short list for Halloween costumes. That, or Miles will be a turtle. We think he looks like a turtle. Like father like son. You'll notice that we are turning into a "no shirt" home. For me, it is about easy access to the milk machine (I now go by "Milky White." Name the musical that is from!), but with temperatures cresting 90 degrees in Hotlanta, and an intense distaste for laundry on both Eric and my part, we are both rockin' the "less is more" fashion.This is the "reverse breastfeeding burrito hold." We learned this from a great DVD called "The Happiest Baby on the Block," from which we learned the 5 techniques to calm a fussy baby. He almost looks fake here.
That's all she wrote...


  1. I love the baby hold :) Congrats again on the homeownership - I am jealous of your fireplace!

    Oh and the muscial reference is from Into the Woods I think - wasn't Milky White the cow's name??
    Blame my knowledge of this on my brother-in-law who was the Baker in his school production of it!

  2. The new place looks fantastic. I love it. I also love the shot of Miles next to the stuffed animal.

  3. I love the built in bookshelves! With your things in the house, it will look more contemporary. The house looks very nice!
    I, too, love the picture of Miles and Big Stuffed Animal, and Miles and Daddy in a yoga pose....

  4. Hi Ali!
    Great pix of the little cutie-pie :)
    That video sounds neat! How are you feeling??? also, where is the new place? (hoping it's close to dunwoody LOL!)
    hugggzzz to everyone,
    Yael :)

  5. I love the new house, and the backyard. It will look really fabulous once you give it your own touches, I am sure.

    We have the Happiest Baby on the Block book and are so thankful for it. Who knew Shushing loudly could calm a baby?

    Also, I love the no shirt policy. Once it gets warm enough here (finally, 80s this week), I think we may have to institute that policy!