Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'll make it a true daily double, Alex

Miles (aka squirt) and I dropped Eric off at the MARTA to fly up to OH for his 2nd round of Jeopardy tryouts! Tonight will be interesting, and a little scary without Eric, but this could be our ticket to Miles's college education. We are rooting (no breastfeeding pun intended) for Dad! (Let's hope there are no literature or ballet questions...)

Things on the preemie front are going really well. We have ventured out of condo isolation quite a few times, but usually in the early morning or late evening to avoid the unbearable heat. Today we took an early morning walk at Marist while Eric held morning XC summer practice. It felt great! I am looking forward to getting out and starting to walk and run again...I think it will help with the fatigue (and the last few pounds I need to get rid of).Currently, we are trying to figure out what to do about childcare. My maternity leave essentially ends at the point I thought I would be starting it. There is not a chance in "H-E-double hockey sticks" that I can get him in any daycare, nor would I want to put a brand new premature baby in any daycare that would readily and quickly accept a premature baby in a matter of 2 weeks. You figure, after 6 weeks, he will essentially be "zero weeks" as right now we consider him "minus 2" weeks old. A nanny is out of the questions financially and we are just keeping our fingers crossed something works out. It's one of those things you throw to the universe, hoping it will just resolve.

As an homage to the nixed names segment of previous posts, I am going to list the current pet names this poor child has endured from his parents. Let's hope he doesn't have any identity problems in the future:

Squirt (Self-explanatory if you spend any time with Miles. From the top to the bottom, he likes to squirt)
Bub, Bud, Buddy (These are just Eric's names of choice. Not my favorite.)
Baby 's (For some reason, I call him "baby." I realize it is like calling your dog, "dog," and am trying to get out of the habit)
Old Man
Mee-lays (Alternative pronunciation for Miles Eric came up with.)

And the best nickname echoing around the house? Eric calls himself "Pappi" or "Pop-Pop." It makes me laugh...I have no idea what inspired him to call himself names that I consider grand parental names, but it is so stinkin' precious. I honestly live with the 2 cutest boys on the planet.

Obligatory Miles pictures to follow. (I know...this is nauseating overkill, but we are doting parents, and entertaining our entire family, none of whom live anywhere near us to be able to see our growing boy!)

This series of pictures is dubbed "chillin' like a villain." Please notice the large volume of sleeping pictures. Do not let this fool you into thinking we sleep all day in our condo. The brief respite, in the form of naps, are so precious, we usually like to document them to remind ourselves that they do, actually, happen...

"Mommy and baby napping""Pappi and Squirt napping" (We know...the pillow is a little close to Squirt's face.) "Sleeping Pope Miles Linus the First"This one is, "Mom, I just peed through my cute outfit!""All I need is a hammock and a breastmilk mojito"And finally, this one made us laugh; it's called, "MINE!" subtitle, "don't even think of getting near my food source. I'll poop on you."


  1. How is Eric Pappi PopPop with Opera???? Seriously, we will all be hoping for the best from that smart daddy! Miles is really photogenic, says the besotted grandmother...

  2. Nick thinks that the picture of Pop Miles Linus the First looks like you Ali. Finally some Deysher genes are showing up!

    He's getting so big! I need to get there to see him before he is taller than me.

    Go Eric, we'll be rooting for you!

  3. oh my gosh. i feel like every time i comment on your blog i say the same thing - he is so precious! but he is!

    anyway, if i lived anywhere near atlanta i would gladly take vacation and be your nanny. couldn't you dig out the old BSHE Babysitters Club list?! ha ha ha

  4. Who is the cutest little boy on the planet, Alex? (the answer was Squirt)...Good luck on Jeopardy E. And Ali, whatever you do, please don't stop posting pictures and videos. It's totally not overkill for those of us who don't get to see your little pope. BTW, I really need to come visit before you move out to the burbs. Just let me know when you're free, ok?

  5. Each photo is cuter and cuter, he is really coming into his own. It was so great spending time with you all last weekend!!! We will be thinking of Eric today as he quests for his Jeopardy debut, just hoping that once he makes it to the show there are no childhood stories about me shared in his brief intro with Alex!!

  6. First, good luck to Eric on the Jeopardy tryouts. That is super exciting (yes, we are Jeopardy nerds in this household)!

    Second, those pictures are so adorable and I love the nicknames. Isn't it amazing that babies can squirt so much out of their orifices? And, that we actually think it's hilarious? E managed to pee on Jason's desk at work yesterday as we were changing her diaper and all we could do was laugh (as we cleaned quickly).