Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nana and Grandpop arrive

Nana and Grandpop arrived and have been spending some QT with the little one. Here are some pictures of the grandparents snuggling with Miles Linus. This was the first time Grandpop had seen Miles!Don't look so frightened Grandpop!I would like to note that Grandpop is wearing a Cleveland Indians T-shirt in honor of the other grandparental units: Grandma and Opa Heintz.

And here are the other obligatory cute pictures of Miles Linus.

The token "sleeping on bare chested Pappi" pictures (my husband must hate me for continuing to post pictures of him without a shirt on):
The next few are pictures from last night when Miles was alert and working on his social smiling. Thanks to Great Aunt D and Cousin A for the adorable preemie outfit. Breaking news! We did see him smile and hear a little chuckle from him when he was sleeping on my lap the other night. Both were followed by a large TOOT. Classy, Miles, real classy...


  1. The Radio Lab (WNYC public radio) episode on Laughter actually has a segment about when babies begin to laugh.

    Nana and Grandpop rock for all their help!!!

  2. I love baby photos on bare chested dads...I just told my other half - 90 days to get in shape before your chest is on display to the world!!

  3. Miles is looking so big! And, his arms look very long in the pictures where he's hanging out on his Daddy's chest. What a cutie!

  4. Little Miles is not so little anymore! Its amazing how fast he's growing -- and what a cutie!!!!