Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sleeping like a baby...

I am not sure who came up with the phrase "sleeping like a baby," but it is not the anthem in our house. There was the few days of Miles being "out like a preemie," but now he is turning into a big boy, and found his vocal cords as well as a game he likes to play called, "let's keep mommy up every 2 hours at night." (Sleep deprivation is not my best look.) He still maintains a lot of his preemie qualities, and I was foolish to think that I could reduce pumping because he was feeding longer as my supply has started to diminish (eek!). So, I am back to playing the role of Milky White for 24 hours a day (or as RS's sister called herself, the Dairy Queen).

We had a wonderful weekend with Aunt H and Uncle R from OH. It was a quick trip, but so great to see them. Uncle R also held a "photo shoot" with Miles, and we got some real Anne Geddes action. We cannot wait to see how the photos turn out and will share them with you.

Miles is still turning heads wherever he goes, and people love to hear he is minus 3 weeks old. Of his accomplishments (outside of feeding, crying and eliminating), his umbilical cord fell off, he weighed in at 5lb 4oz the other day, and he...drum roll...has turned from his tummy to his back 2 times! We think his slight body has helped with the rolling as he does it with his legs, and not his upper body, but we like to think he is ahead of the curve on something...especially since he is in the 0.5 percentile of his weight class.

Of course, obligatory pictures. One of Miles in a milk coma, and the other at the beginning of tummy time (he still hates it). And I realize that I am no longer writing down gratitudes. Honestly, there are too many to note. (And we are up to our ears in thank you notes that still need to be written!)


  1. awwww! he may keep you up but he is TOO Cute and precious! :) he looks so cuddly :)

  2. Little Miles-Linus is truly adorable -- a real cutie!!! Sounds as though you're getting into the 'Mommy Groove'! :))

  3. It's been thirty three years and I remember that "every 2 hour" thing like it was yesterday. Talk about fatigue! There were times when I would have sold my soul to the devil for a three hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep!

    Of course, one glance at the "milk coma" photo, and it's obvious how precious little Miles is; he must melt your little old (sleepy!) hearts!

    Love... Dilys

  4. I love it! The Dairy Queen! Like Dilys, it's been many many years for me, but you don't forget those long, lonely, sleepless nights. They will give you bragging rights for a lifetime. Do know that someday they will pass, and you will suddenly realize you are looking back at them (with no particular fondness...). Just don't make friends with one of those mothers who has the child who slept through the night at 3 weeks or you will want to scream!
    Miles is really changing and getting even cuter if that's possible!