Sunday, July 13, 2008

Move over Anne Geddes!

There is not much to say in this post...except that my brother-in-law is a phenom. His amazing talent as a photographer has captured the most precious images of Miles at 3 weeks, which we will treasure for years. The pictures (each one is in color and B&W) are all located at the following site.
If anyone is in OH and looking for a good photographer, let me know. I have a good recommendation. :)


  1. These are MUCH better than Ann G - he looks like his natural self and not a pea pod, ha ha ha.

    Seriously GREAT photos - I love them all!

  2. These are stunning. Such a wonderful gift.

  3. Thanks for the nice compliments on the photographs - glad you like them!

  4. These pictures are amazing!!! :) SO glad you are going to be (literally!) minutes away from us, we'll finally get to meet the little guy! :)