Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Yankee Doodle Dandy!

(One of our newest favorite pictures taken by Nana!)

Happy 4th of July! Miles wore his pride with a "baby's first fourth" bib. Additionally, it was Studs's birthday on the 3rd! We have a few pictures to celebrate both birthdays.

"Happy Birthday America and Happy Birthday Studs!"
"You mean I cannot give Studs a birthday hug for a few more weeks??"

"I cannot WAIT anymore! Now I am sad; so I'll hold this sign and pout until she comes to visit."
And the most recent Nicknames, which may only resonate with those with a finger on the pulse of track/field/running/cycling/The Wonder Years:

"Hiccup" El Guerrouj
"Yawn" Ullrich
Adam Gau-"choo"
"Winnie" Cooper (is our peanut a baby or a horse?)


  1. I see some Alison coming through in these shots! Still mostly Eric, but definitely some Alison, too!

  2. He hiccups, poops, AND write bubble signs?! Dude - forget Eric, get THIS kid on Jeopardy!

    Happy Day of our Independence. We got to spend it in Philadelphia...isn't that so patriotic of us!?

  3. new post idea - post a baby pic of ali, baby pic of eric and one of miles so we can see all the family resemblences...i still only see eric.

    i also really like miles' turtle orange/blue stripe outfit in the previous post pictures.