Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It has been a whirlwind few weeks: moving, work, camp, visitors, impossible NY Times crossword puzzles, baby indications (Aunty Bec and Aunty Maura, that is for you), "nanny" Nana Anne and Grandpop leaving (sniff)...I have been delinquent in posting pictures, so this will be the start of: "photo essay: the last few weeks."

We'll start with some Glamour shots of Mee-layz (I have decided to use the "z" just because it is simply ridiculous) We have now come to the conclusion that our son looks like a small child from the 1950s. His hair stays perfectly coiffed in this side swept kind of "do." Everyone thinks we spend time brushing his hair, but it is maintenance free!

And now, let me introduce AunT and Manny Nich (okay, Uncle Nich, but we were tempted to ask him to be our man-nanny)

Finally, I promised Miles Squared, and I am delivering (your eyes are not playing a trick on you...Miles C. H and Miles L. H are 1 month apart...)


  1. I love the picture of Nich with the bobby around his head where both he and Mee-layz are sleeping.

    All of the pics are great!!!

  2. Sigh! These pictures bring back wonderful memories. They are great, says NanaAnne

  3. I love, love, love Miles' big, adorable eyes! And, that hair. Ella lost most of her baby hair and just has little tufts growing in. You guys have some really wonderful pictures of Miles.

  4. Oh, and another thing. I love the photo of Miles reflecting on "Good Night Moon"...

  5. Did you put Good Night Moon there for Nana? That's who I thought of first :)

    LOL with Nich using his "neck pillow". Good stuff.

    Finally, I am so pleased that after 22 years of friendship (yowzers!) we can still come up with new "isms". LOL :)

  6. I'm totally into using the services of Manny N and AunT in Miami! They rave about the babe constantly!!

    The pics are great!!