Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grunkle and Aunty Moe

Miles has finally been introduced to all of his Uncles and Aunts! Grunkle S and Aunty S (Moe) came from Bean Town to spend some time with Mee-layz. Grunkle is a hard sell, but I think Miles stole his heart. Perhaps it was the moment when Miles explosively unloaded into his diaper on S. Charming no doubt. I have to admit, I wasn't worried about Miles's Aunts taking to him like a premenopausal woman to chocolate, but the (Gr)uncles were always a question. Uncle N from Miami practically stuffed the wee child into his luggage to take him back to the Grove. And Uncle S surprised us all and easily took to feeding Miles a bottle, burping him (see below), and dare I say I saw a tear or two as he held him and commented, "it's my nephew!" Ah, be still my heart. I already cannot wait for Grunkle and Moe to come back and visit...After Miles decided to give himself a golden shower, we changed him into what ended up being the same shirt Grunkle wore! Of course, documentation was required.

And here is some proof of the bottle feeding:
The next picture is taken with "color accent" on my camera. Basically, it does black and white and then green. I have NO idea why, but it is the closest I can get to B&W on the camera (otherwise I have to change the pic to B&W in iPhoto)
I have been tremendously busy with work and with general "life" (visitors, moving, showering...ha!) so the majority of my posts have been picture-centric. Of course, do you really want to read the ramblings of a first time mother? There is so much to write though, and once I get a handle on the picture explosions, I'll get back to journaling more. Don't get too excited. I will say that motherhood is just divine. You know what else is divine? Walking into a room and seeing images like this:

This baby's eyes drive me crazy! And we still get people thinking that we actually comb this boy's hair. Oh no--it is an all natural comb over (eat your heart out Donald Trump).

Here is documentation that Mee-layz is sporting the baby chub. I never thought the day would come. Eric and I now have to clean Miles's FOLDS when changing his diaper. With each layer of brown fat, he gets more delicious. Not in the Jeffery Dahmer/Silence of the Lamb sense...but you do want to just nibble on his legs. (I am totally THAT mom; oh dear).
Although Miles is still learning to smile, we were able to catch one of those precious moments that he beams with happiness.
Circus performer, swimmer, many professions to choose from! We need to add baby boxer to the list. Miles has discovered his fists and is ready to fight. I don't think he would ever want to hurt anyone (unless you took away his food source or Nuk).
And another video. I recognize that these are far more entertaining for Mom and Dad then they are for the public. We are turning in to those parents I scoffed at. Well, that's it for tonight. I need to pretend that I am facing a night of uninterrupted sleep. (A girl can dream. Wait. No, I don't have enough sleep to fall into a dream state!)


  1. Oh my goodness, he is getting HUGE! (I mean that in a good, no, GREAT way!) All of the photos are of course beautiful, but that pic of Mee-layz smiling is my new favorite.

  2. Woah! He does look huge! Like, Miles Chandler a run for his money, maybe.
    Yay for showering!

  3. He's so much bigger! I was just thinking on my walk this morning, "Geez, Miles must be pretty big now. I need to tell Momma to send a new photo."
    I think he's starting to resemble Momma!!!!

  4. wow, Miles is getting so big!!! :)