Thursday, August 7, 2008

It Takes a Village (picture explosion part II)

How can you deny this face? Mee-layz was sitting on my chest in the baby Bjorn carrier, and his eyes just about melted my heart.

The running theme over the past 12 weeks, outside of eat, poop and sleep, has been: our friends and family rock! I am short of anything more eloquent to say as I still contend that lack of sleep has eroded all semblances of my writing capabilities. It certainly does take a village to raise baby Miles, and good thing we have a community of amazing friends and family to help. We have had guests travel here from far and wide (and some that have, sadly, just moved away), to contribute to the Milesapolooza.

Aunty B and Aunty Studs made their way to Atlanta during their respective "traveling tours" this summer. As always, the time passed too quickly, and Miles misses his new girlfriends. We sported the Team Heintz onesie, but he promptly soiled it, and only Studs got to see it; I'll post a picture when it makes it through the laundry rotation again. The week was filled with lots of laughs, impossible NY Times x-words, "baby indications," blueberry boy bait, squash soup, and lots of cuddling (with the baby...not me). It is pretty unbelievable that I have known these girls since I was a wee child myself. And here is "the one that got away." Tante K, who probably spent more time with Miles in utero than anyone short of Eric, has fled the state to become a doctor. Much of the lemonade and chocolate milk (before I was barred from eating chocolate) that Miles is surely made up of was given to me by Tante K. She accompanied me to CVS for frequent blood pressure checks, and drove my sick rear around during those terrible 20 weeks. I have so much to thank her for, and just hope that like Aunty B and Aunty Studs, Tante K will be a permanent fixture in Miles's life. Lest you think Miles is only a ladies' man (is that possessive?) He does steal the hearts of men, too. We first saw that when Uncle N just about stole him from our house to take him back to Miami. Here we have "My 2 Dads" (remember that show?) changing Mee-layz at a recent get together. It looks like Uncle K has been mesmerized by the doughy (red) eyes and the unmistakable smell of hot pretzels (have I mentioned Miles's dirty diapers smell like hot pretzels?)And now, the comedy portion of our show! Pappi recently discovered the joy of dressing Miles up in ridiculousness. It is not a bow tie as you might guess (I am sure that will come with time), but Eric enjoys putting Miles's nuk on his head like a hat. He thinks he looks like Homey the Clown from In Living Color. I am not sure if I should laugh or question his judgment. Maybe his balancing prowess is just further solidification of Miles's future as a circus performer (see previous posts regarding circus performing). Miles took his first bath in the Euro tub, and not in the sink! I think we enjoyed it more than Miles.

All clean! And then, just a few more for all the grandparents out there who miss their little boy...

(Notice: my husband STILL prefers to lounge shirtless. Apparently Miles prefers it.)

These last 2 just make me smile. He still looks like a doll to me.


  1. I love new posts! Yay! He looks bigger.

    Give him lots of kisses for me.

  2. Thanks so much for all the great pictures. Miles looks different in every picture - a baby of many moods. He's a lucky boy to have all those loving, caring grown ups to fawn over him. He looks both bigger and balder. What color hair will he have????

  3. He is looking so different!!! Still a cutie, though. I love that picture with the nuk on his head.

  4. This might be my favorite post so far. All of the pictures are just so fabulous. I love all the faces Miles makes!

  5. I think the Homey the Clown thing is hilarious. You have to have silly moments like that to get through the tough ones! Miles is definitely looking bigger. And, I love that spiky hair. Babies (and yours in particular) are so cute after a bath.