Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dirty Nugget

I AM CUTE!!!!!

I never thought I would be excited to dig out the milk films that have taken up residence in our Dirty Nugget's neck folds. (Aunt Studs can be thanked for the Nugget nickname.) But what does it mean? a) I am still producing milk, and b) Miles is consuming enough to prepare him for the harsh Atlanta winters (read: sarcasm). There is so much more to discuss (read: me engaging in a one way, biased conversation with my blog readers), but the mounds of laundry that I need to scale to get out of the family room seem slightly more pressing. I do have to leave the house for my first haircut since Miles has been born, and don't think a nursing bra and spandex leggings are deemed appropriate fashion. Although, it is my house "uniform" of choice.

Headlines/topics to come:
  • Miles found his hands!
  • Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere. Our own Michael "Boo-blay"
  • I want to up! Corporate pumping
  • Miles vs Hugh Hefner: who has more girlfriends?
  • Mrs J: daycare director extraordinaire
  • 11pm-5:30am of silence. One time is enough to keep the dream alive
  • The hunt for cute baby boy clothes: boycott Sponge Bob and Thomas the Tank Engine
Requisite pictures from the recent visit with Opa and Grandma. I have decided that I am going to start uploading our volumes of pictures on a Picasa album, and only post a few of the best. Feel free to explore on your own.

Labor Day:

Grunkle and Aunty M part II:

Opa and G-ma:


I am thankful that my cousin and his girlfriend were able to safely evacuate New Orleans and spend some time zipping around in golf carts in Peachtree City and chill with us in Chamblee. Eric and I had a lovely visit with them, and in a matter of months, Miles will have another playmate! (In fact, there are a few playmates on the way...NOT siblings, yet...)


  1. Wonderful! I can't wait for the future topics. Miles certainly is a good shoulder sleeper. There must be more photos of him asleep on someone's shoulder or chest than Hugh Heffner has girlfriends! Also, he always looks less than thrilled with the cute hats that he wears. Sometimes he looks downright disgusted! What, pumpkin hat? Christmas Elf hat? Not me!

  2. Look at how big Miles is!!!!

  3. Ali,
    I just can't get over how much mee-lays (I know I butchered that one) looks like Eric...until he smiles. His open-mouth smile makes him look just like YOU!
    It's so funny how a kid can be such a perfect combination of two parents. I know I've said this before, but as I am on the brink of experiencing motherhood myself, I take my hat off to you...CONGRATULATIONS.

  4. Yay! I'm waiting the edition of:

    I want to up! Corporate pumping

    The photos are beautiful. Don't you just want to keep him tiny and yummy forever! He's starting to grow.

    Me, just waiting. 22 more days is the countdown. Can't wait!