Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I won!

This will be quick, but I had to share the news that I won some eco-friendly paper plates and accouterments from Chinet! Google Reader allows me to lurk on a lot of blogs (mostly green mama blogs), but I rarely post on those that aren't "owned" by close friends or family. Well, I actually commented on Green Baby Guide's blog regarding their post on Chinet, and won the giveaway! (I actually bought Chinet for our labor day party this past weekend).

We have a ton of pictures and even videos to post, but that will have to wait. The chaos in our lives continued this past weekend as we had a lovely visit from my in-laws-and immediately put them to work. We:

-installed 2 new toilets (the old ones proved to be older than my in-laws!)
-cleaned the roof of the house
-cut down a tree
-built a new walkway with stone and steppers
-finished the compost pile
-mowed with our dandy eco-friendly push mower!
-built a vent system in our shed
-got all new triple pain energy star windows installed in the whole house
-cleaned the house
-assembled a fire pit
-had a huge labor day party
-had a photo shoot outside with the family

And by "we" I mean the mean the majority of the labor was done by my father-in-law and Eric. We got a lot done, but are paying for the insanity in our schedule with a cranky baby. Miles had an awful day in childcare yesterday. He didn't want to eat, refused his Nuk (now THAT is a shocker), wouldn't sleep, and was tooting up a storm. I am sure my stress leaked straight through to his bottle. It is so true when they say babies can sense when things are "off." He is like a barometer for stress; when our lives spiral out of control, he sends out the alarm through crying and loud gastric booms.

In other news, Miles is turning into a flirt and just loves cooing and smiling on his changing pad--I'll provide some picture documentation later. He still loves to gaze at ceiling fans and bright lights, but the sight of a pretty lady is starting to enchant the little dirty monkey.


(I have neglected this part of my posts, and I have certainly had much to be grateful for in the past few weeks.)

-I am thankful for Mother's Milk tea. Okay, to me, it tastes downright "vomitous" due to the overwhelming anise flavor, but it has accelerated my ability to produce enough milk for Miles. I highly recommend cutting the flavor with a splash of vanilla flavored soy milk.


  1. WOW-
    They actually make a product to increase mommy's milk production. That is genius. Approaching the nursing phase myself, (well in about 4 more months anyhow) I keep saying that I hope I produce enough to freeze, etc. I will have to try that product if you say it works like it does....that is awesome news....thanks!!!! AND WOW, YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY BEES AT THE NEW PLACE----You will have to send out pics......

  2. Yay for the new toilets among other important improvements! Those were some of the worst ever! I can't wait to see all the improvements. Having windows to open will be wonderful when fall comes. Congratulations on winning the chinet plates. It's a brand you recommend?
    Thank goodness the foul tasting milk tea is working. Who discovers these things?!

  3. Yay for new posts! Congrats on
    a.) winning free stuff
    b.) new toilets
    c.) hmm, I forgot the order already... but Yay for getting stuff done! :)

    I cannot wait for pictures.