Friday, October 3, 2008

Check your shoes at the door

: October 3

Make your home a shoe free zone.

(How could you ever want to put shoes on little feet like that, anyway? I cannot believe they were so small at one point.)

Eric, Miles and I actually had a powwow the other week prior to me discovering the children's health calendar and decided to go ahead and have a shoe free house to avoid tracking in dirt, germs and lead (I recently read that you can track in a lot of lead with your shoes). We aren't going as far as Martha Stewart by putting a basket of cashmere slippers at the front door for everyone, but we are going to try to keep everyone's shoes confined to the front door mat. This will be interesting when we have guests...especially my father. I don't think I have seen him without shoes on for 28 years.

Just for giggles, Eric and I watched this video we posted many months ago; instead of laughing, we both cried. Be still our hearts.


  1. Shoe free house = great idea!

    I need to impliment that in my house, although I have a little doggie who paws have a mind of their own.

    I can't belive how big Mile's has become.

  2. I can't see Bob in Martha Stewart cashmere slippers either, can you?! I like the idea, but it is not possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Speaking of dogs, I guess they would need to Have shoes for the house - little doggie slippers!
    Yes, it's still the Miles we know and love today, but he has changed so. I teared up even before playing the video!