Saturday, October 4, 2008

Comedy of Errors

We survived our 2nd high school babysitter night. Pappi and Milky White had a wonderful dinner date at Nava, followed by a rather delightful Marist performance of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors. Our own error was realized as we were driving through Buckhead--we did not have the babysitter's number. Luckily, we had left both of our cell numbers posted for the sitter, but we didn't even think of getting her cell phone number (and Eric arranged the sitting at Marist, not via the phone). With a little faith, and a cold glass of sangria, we had a relaxing night. Crusted grouper, valet parking and high school theater never felt so good.

Aunty Schlotty and Aunt Studs recently turned me on to wordles. In the words of Wordle, "[it] is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. " Basically, some individual with way too much time on her hands created some sort of algorithm or computer analysis program to entertain bloggers like me. Prior to the reveal of my first wordle I would almost bet my first born son (and I have one!) that "Miles" would be the most prominent word. Oh how wrong I was. I laughed at the wordle generated for me from my blog text. I don't think the analysis takes into account the entirety of the blog, but you can see where my mind has been over the past few days. Speaking of, I am off to my second hot date of the evening. It's me and Medela.

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  1. ha ha ha..."PUMP"

    'nuff said.

    Pump it up! ha ha ha

  2. What is Medula and where in the Wordle is Miles??? I am feeling very old and kinda dumb!

  3. Medela (not medula) is the brand that monopolizes all things pumping related. And I think because I never consistently use Miles's name, and rely on nicknames, that he isn't more prominent.