Monday, October 27, 2008

Urgent Care

My mind is buzzing with things to blog about: my "diet" stage 2, Shlotty's couture footwear, Mem Fox and the perils of childcare, milk banking, premature baby expenses (monthly synagis shots for RSV)...but there was a slight hiccup in our schedule as Miles took his first trip to urgent care.

With skilled dexterity, Miles scratched his left eyeball with his nails. If his hands aren't in his mouth, then they are making the bloody marks of Zorro on his face. Eric is in charge of the "Baby-cures" and I have to say that he does an excellent job cutting and filing. I think we just have a skilled masochist.

I have never been confronted with a shredded eyeball before. Miles didn't appear to be in significant pain, but I kept thinking, is this an emergency? Do I page the pediatrician? When in doubt call mommy. I called my mom and we both decided it would be best to address his eye issue sooner than later. I spoke with an advice line nurse at Children Healthcare of Atlanta and she suggested we go to urgent care in case he did any damage to the cornea.

Good News!
  1. Miles weighs 14lbs 15oz (So close! I wanted to spit on his tummy or something to push it to an even 15lbs)
  2. Miles's cornea seemed to escape the wrath of his fingernail, but the poor white of his eye did not fair so well. He took the whole dye in the eye and prodding by the doctor like a champ, and was actually worse during the time we waited to get care. Apparently 5 month olds don't understand words like "triage." There was some talk of an eye patch, but I told the Doc that "pirate" was not on our short list of Halloween costumes, and that there aren't many one-eyed jack-o-lanterns.

I just got home a bit ago from standing in line 2 hours for advanced voting, and am heading to bed for what I hope is at least 3 hours before the nugget cries for milk. Therefore, I am not pulling up my Green calendar, but will post my green-itudes on the next post.

But I do have the nursing balls recipe for those interested: (I usually double this)

1/2 cup peanut butter (honey flavored is good)
3 1/2 Tbsp nonfat powdered dry milk
A few Tbsp of honey to taste
1 cup raisins or dark chocolate bits or M&Ms
Handful of flax meal
** Here is where you can experiment--for a binder, you can mix in any of the following, or all of the following to the consistency of cookie dough: crushed graham crackers, Kashi Go Lean crunch remnants, grape nuts...anything else you like!

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  1. Ooh! Ooh! I want to hear about Shlotty's couture footwear sometime!

    Seriously, as I said to you, Alison, you will wish babies came equipped with a warning light that would illuminate when a trip to the doctor is required. I can't count the number of times I debated the need when you kids were little. Of course it was always a Friday night or something... I hope Miles's eye will recover soon and there will be no rpeat before he gains more control of his hand movements.
    In regards to the "menopause balls" as they are to me, the guiding thing is texture. As Alison says, they need to be the consistency of cookie dough, whatever binders and soft ingredients one adds. Then when they are refrigerated, they will be firm and wonderful. Enjoy! I have to make more soon!