Sunday, November 9, 2008

The 1st rule of Mommy Club...

1. The first rule of Mommy Club is you do not talk about Mommy Club
2. The second rule of Mommy Club is you DO NOT talk about Mommy Club
3. The third rule of Mommy Club is if you sneeze, sniffle, cry, fever or need a sick day, the baby doesn't care.

(So I took creative liberty with the rules...anyone get the movie?)

I feel that ominous presence of a virus creeping up on me. I am actually surprised it has taken this long. I won't go into a litany of my symptoms as I have been anointed a member of Mommy Club and am learning the gravity of rule #3. You cannot get sick, and if you do get sick, no one cares (especially your baby). I wanted so desparately to tell Miles that I needed a nap today, but his response was something along the lines of "Nnn-ga, Nnn-ga." (Translation: Wow. Listen to my voice. Can you feed me?")

That being said, it was a wonderful and busy weekend despite whatever is ailing me.

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at one of Eric's runner's parents house as it was State XC weekend. The nice thing about Miles is that everyone is eager to hold him, and I was able to eat a nice pasta dinner with a well deserved glass of red wine. I am telling you, my arms have never been so cut as holding this child is getting more and more taxing with each layer of chunk.

Friday late night is not worth discussing as I refuse to pay any mind to Miles's continued sleep strike.

Saturday morning was so early, it would be considered a late night for me back in 2000 at Bates College. Let's just leave it at that. Eric headed off to the state meet on the XC bus, and I got Mee-lays ready for a lovely 1.5 hour drive to Carollton, GA. He did surprisingly well, and I stayed awake with the help of NPR and a seltzer. It must be peak season in GA, because I felt like I was driving through a Bob Ross painting on route 166 W. (Minus that big, black, "happy" tree he always paints in the middle of the canvas--anyone with me?) The air was clear, and the stage was set for what ended up being an amazing meet. Marist won both the boys AND girls state meet! And, one of our boys was the state champion. Finally, Marist has come back to claim their spot as the eminent XC force in GA. The ride home with Miles was, well, interesting. We were doing well until his hunger struck--he had had a bottle that I had pumped, but lunchtime came too quickly. No amount of static on the radio would pacify his grown hunger. And to be fair, I was getting quite uncomfortably full, and knew we wouldn't make it home. So, I stopped at Cobb Galleria and found some random hotel parking lot and positioned the car in the back, near the dumpster in the shade. The milk pressure was too great, and it was a messy feeding session. A note: don't wear a sports bra and try to nurse after not pumping for 4+ hours. It was so comical, I had to call Eric. PLUS, not one, but two cars parked near me on 2 separate occasions. Why would they park for 10 minutes in an empty parking lot, next to the station wagon near the dumpster, with a mom nursing in the back seat? Anyway, it was an adventure...

I am not looking forward to the 11 hour drive to OH or the 3 hour flight to MA in December. I'll need some advice on traveling with a baby.

Sunday was full of yard work, and then we had the XC banquet. Again, Miles was a champ. Everyone commented on how well he behaved, and we were glad to be there to support Eric. Unfortunately, his bedtime routine has been disrupted, and I got home at 8:20, swaddled him and put him right into his crib. No books, no singing, and I could be paying for it in an hour or two.

I am not really sure if this post contributed anything to my readership, but I am avoiding the Medela pump that sits before me. With so much activity outside of the home, I used up all of the pumped bottles and have to miraculously produce 15oz before 7am. Wish me luck...


  1. Yikes! Busy, busy mom. Yeah, how do you take a sick day from the parent job? Pump now...or you'll regret it later. I'm watching some old Obama videos, since the news is now pretty boring. Except for the wackiness in the Minnesota race.

  2. YIKES!!!
    15 ounces?
    i don't know how you did it, but more power to you, you mass mammary producer (and i mean that in the least wierdest way possible)!
    i'm flying back from new orleans with KR alone after thanksgiving. it's only an 1 1/2 hour flight, but i'll let you know how nursing in the airport/in flight goes, ok? to tell you the truth, i'm terrified of the whole experience, but i'm just going to feed her as much as possible before we leave for the airport and hope and pray that she sleeps most of the time.

    oh, and i feel you on the big black bob ross tree...that really made me laugh, i totally remember it! why did we watch that as children? that had to have been the most boring thing on tv, right? but i really thought that if only i had that fan-looking brush, i could certainly paint like square-tipped crayola brushes were constantly to blame for my lack of painting skills :0)

  3. oh, and i really hope you feel better soon!

  4. Girl - I got ALL your references. Mommy Club, Happy Trees, pa-lease. I'm with you.

    I care that you're sick. In fact, I'll make you a cup of mommy lactation tea from here. You just have to come over and get it :)

    Are you going to be back in MA in December?!??!?! I will be at my parents' house from Dec. 29-Jan. 3rd. Do we coincide at all? Can we come over a babysit? Or, mommy sit??

  5. I hear you on the arms thing... my shirts are getting tight in the shoulders. Pair that with the breastfeeding-related swelling and it's a wonder moms can fit into any shirts! I hope Miles slept well for you after the busy weekend.