Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pulling an All-Nighter

I try to keep politics out of my blog, which is an exercise in extreme self-control, but I had to comment on the amazing events of the past 24 hours. (For all of you who stayed up late watching election coverage and feel the strain in functioning today, I challenge you to stay up again tonight, and the next night, and then the next night...or try 5+ months of pulling all-nighters without the distraction of an election, studying for an exam, or, say, a college party.)

Regardless of who you voted for, I think there is no question that what we witnessed last night is remarkable. I feel a renewed sense of trust and hope for our future ("Yes we can!"). For so long, I was that "kid" who was the country's future--and now I realized that I am raising that kid who is our future. Knowing that Miles is starting off during such a transitional and momentous time gives me the chills.

Obama's speech was wonderfully crafted, and pitted against footage of MLK just leaves one breathless. (The puppy part was great.) Additionally, I do have to say that McCain's concession speech was humble and genuine. I cannot say I dislike the guy, and do hope that what few glimmers of Ye Oldde Johnny Maverick that remained at the end of his campaign survive to do some good in the coming years. I think it best for me to leave the topic of Palin alone; it could get ugly. I hope that she spends some quality time with her family--especially with her new baby as well as her baby who is having a baby.

I am absolutely disheartened that Proposition 8 was passed in California. It is a state constitutional amendment-- Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. Those who supported "yes" on 8 blazed on with the motto "protect marriage." From what, I ask? Here is a quick 30 second video on the no on prop 8 website. Divisive, intolerant, offensive...enough said.

Finally, I just need to give a shout out to some of my peeps who worked tirelessly during the campaign season. Studs and Bec in California and Mama D in Atlanta...I am so proud of all of your efforts. True, they were all supporting a cause I believe in, but I have a general sense of pride in the excitement of my peers over the past year--even the staunch Republicans! :) I really think that political apathy is decaying in those 35 and under, and it makes me energized (not enough to tackle the laundry next to me). If anyone has watched Luke Russert (son of late Tim Russert), he makes my heart flutter. It is a completely platonic crush, promise (I luckily married my soul mate). I get excited seeing how active he is in politics and issues, and think he is tapped into the younger generation.

Finally, I thought I would share a great Obama button website from Studs, and include a random sampling of ones I thought were fun. As I said to some others...if only I had my 1986 jean jacket littered with buttons, I think I would have some new additions.

(Next post--it's back to mommy mania!)

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  1. Agreed, Agreed, Agreed on all accounts. I am also thrilled that the whole world is excited about Obama's election, too. Perhaps we can restore our nation's honor and integrity in the world. That's been my prayer ever since the Iraq war started.
    Luke Russert makes me cry to think of his Dad and how he would have loved this whole campaign. Luke is a worthy successor to his dad.
    To all the young people - your efforts and votes truly counted this time - Yay!