Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Miles's first ELC art project; be still my heart...

I am busting at the seem with gratitude and thanks this year...good thing it is wordless Wednesday, or I would have you reading until 2009. I am most thankful for the 2 loves of my life, imaged below:(2 images above from XC banquet)

Finally, the lengths parents will go to in order to get a "rise" out of a 6 month old. (I swear the second the camera is on, he gets performance anxiety.)


  1. that is too cute! (and "that" refers to the videos, pictures and artwork)

    happy thanksgiving!

  2. That art project is so, so adorable! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. It must have been quite a feat to uncurl those little hands to paint the turkeys! How adorable! I assume your boys are thankful for you, too, Mommy!