Friday, December 12, 2008

Cuttin' Teeth

This will be brief. No, really brief. Not "Ali brief," but brief brief.

Rumor has it, that my mother-in-law's months long conjecture may now becoming true--Miles is cutting his first tooth! You have to click on the photo to enlarge it to see the little white bump.That, or he has some sort of oral abscess. (It's not easy taking pictures of an infant's gums.)

And for your enjoyment, outtakes of our attempt at a Holiday card photo with our camera's self timer. The boy won't smile for the camera, and even if he did, the mass of cotton shoved in his mouth would obstruct the gummy grin. We finally got an okay photo without Miles's hands in his mouth, and with the holidays approaching, it will have to do.

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PT/orthopedic surgeon visits
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They're coming...promise.


  1. soo, which photo can I expect to put on my fridge? (Please let it be the middle one, please let it be the middle one...)

  2. P.S. Please tell me the sweater is for effect. Eric, I don't think you can go home to Ohio telling people you wear sweaters in Hotlanta.

  3. I agree with Rebecca about the middle photo! Cute! At least there is a fireplace for Santa to come down. I am impressed with the gummy baby photos. I can't imagine how you got Miles to open his mouth and keep his tongue out of the way so that you can see the tooth nubbins. Kudos!