Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We made the drive from Georgia to Ohio, and are enjoying a blustery blizzard. Miles is sleeping on his grandmother's shoulder, and the Vince Guaraldi Christmas album is playing...(ah, little Linus)...

Miles experimented with avocado and his Happy Bellies cereal this morning. It was a hit! Opa took pictures that we'll post at a later date. He hasn't been as delightful as he was in Boston as tooth #2 is working its way up through the gums. It's like we have a colicky baby all of a sudden. But we have many more hands to help comfort him than at home.

Miles came home from the ELC with a gift for US from Santa! A framed Christmas picture (and a CD with lots of the photo shoot). There is also a picture of Miles enjoying his Happy Bellies cereal...
Uh-oh. Now Gloria Estefan's Christmas is playing. I am off to make some musical changes.

1 comment:

  1. No need to knock on Ms. Estefan... she's a remarkable hero who brought Cuban music to the mainstream! (giggle... raspberry)

    Glad you guys are enjoying what seems to be a relaxing time in Ohio. I hope we make it avoiding blizzards... but I sure want to watch one from a toasty rocking chair in Vermont!

    Merry Christmas, Heintz's!