Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Journey to MA

(These are 2 of my favorite new pictures. No story with them. Just a proud Mom.)

I feel like I am still picking Thanksgiving turkey out of my teeth, when all of a sudden, everyone I know is finishing up their Christmas cards and sending out e-mails about the last day to ship holiday gifts with UPS. I wish I was Evie from that old (junior varsity) show "Out of This World." Any takers? Evie could freeze time by joining two fingers, and then proceeded to manipulate the "frozen world." When she clapped her hands together, time resumed as normal. Of course, this set the stage for all sorts of comedy of errors. As tempting as it would be to catch someone mid sit, and then pull the chair away from their body and unfreeze time just to watch them qualify for an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos, there are much more noble things I would do with the power (read: NAP).

Much has transpired since I wished you all happy tryptophan comas. We spent a long weekend in MA as our Christmas gift to my side of the family. Leading up to the trip, I bothered myself with far too much anxiety about traveling with Mr Miles. It was flawless. (Here we are at the airport.)The little bugger snoozed both there and back, and besides the fact that my right bicep is now more toned than the left, we got back unscathed. We had a great trip, sprinkled with lots of guest appearances. Miles got to meet one set of his great grandparents (Nana and GP-J), and AunT was up from Miami, and Grunkle Seth had recovered enough from Beaver Fever to accompany Aunty Shirley to my parents house for a visit. And, for the first time, Miles may not have had the blandest diet of the lot! Poor Grunkle is still workin' the BRAT diet, but Miles started eating organic carrot mush! I adopted the baby food mill that my mother used to make baby food, and we mashed up some carrots to add to his cereal. The boy couldn't get enough, and Pappi was surprised to find that carrots are fibrous and come out a lot like they go in...although surrounded by an unmistakable sour dough bread smell. I think our next journey will be with organic squash or sweet potato. I realize we may be starting the whole journey into solids later than most, but I don't feel the need to rush, knowing breastmilk is doing its job for the most part. For Christmas, I think Santa (i.e. MomA) is going to gift me with a Beaba. I have been coveting this piece of equipment, which is pretty incredible, given my distaste for gadgets that clutter the kitchen. It does it all for making your own baby food: cooks, steams, grinds, purees, and defrosts. Plus, it is BPA-free! I was going the Magic Bullet route, until I heard that it contains BPA. The Beaba has been around in Europe for some time, and is now making waves in the US.

Although not apparent in these pictures, Miles witnessed his first snow (out of the womb) and downright bitter temperatures.
I also got to see my friends Daniel and Mary's new (surprise!) baby girl, Mia. Although she was a pound more than Miles at birth, she felt super tiny as I cradled her in my arms. It's amazing how the memory decays. I miss all of the brand newborn gurgles and slow motion waves and yawns. We had a great visit, and Daniel reminded me that even though the two of us go back to, gulp, NURSERY SCHOOL, that Miles will still have to be a gentleman and ask permission to go out with Mia. Ha ha.

Two timing Miles also met another girlfriend. He is all about Big Love, and taking on as many of the honeys has he can. He had an unexpected visit from his friend baby C, who is just the epitome of a "happy baby." They decided to go to baby "first base" and hold hands. Next, we are awaiting the arrival of Mama D's girl "Frankie" in March. It's a girlapolooza.

Full album of pictures for those interested (namely, the family):

There is more to report, but I have some lactation tea waiting for me, along with a DVR'ed episode of my boob tube addiction: The Biggest Loser.

Forthcoming blog teasers :
-Product alert! Schlocks are now being sold
-Cooky foot (nighttime foot casts)

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  1. Sigh...It was a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for the best Christmas gift! We loved having you and you all certainly packed in a lot of visiting and activity into a precious few days. There were even some other food firsts - ie Harry's first hot fudge frappe!Fish and chips for Eric!
    Miles was super!