Monday, December 29, 2008

Teething Bites

All Miles wanted for Christmas was his 2 bottom teeth, and he has both now. The fear is that more are on the way...tooth eruption has turned our 7 month old into an orally fixated fuss bucket; we escaped colic, not teething pain. With unpacking from a week in Ohio and various other domestic challenges staring me in the face, my blog will yet again suffer the "photo only" cop out.

We had a wonderful holiday break, to be chronicled shortly, and I look forward to one more week home alone with my 2 boys. It will be a little lovely taste of what it is like to be a stay at home mom. :)

(Eric took these photos during Miles's photo shoot with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Heather. We attached some sort of gadget of Ryan's to our own point and shoot, and with Ryan's studio set up, Eric's photos are pretty good! He is chewing on a Christmas napkin--and did you notice his chub? Yum. I'll post Ryan's photos when they are developed at a later date. I cannot wait to get some more of his photos up on our black and white wall at home!)


  1. It melts my heart! How is he sitting? Is there a hidden helping hand? It looks neat to see him upright. I am so glad that you all have the rest of the week to recover. Traveling is tiring for everyone, especially little ones.

  2. He is just so beautiful and precious!

  3. Too adorable! We are also going through teething on tooth number two, along with a sudden need for mommy. It's exhausting! That's why god made little Miles Linus so cute.