Friday, January 30, 2009

Ali's Annals: 5.0 Splish Splash

Breaking news! Donald Trump reclaims his title as the owner of America's worst comb over (although, I can think of one particular high school science teacher who could give Donny a run for his with me Studs and Bec? Short sleeved collared shirts with yellow pit stains...). Miles got his first haircut and no longer has his toupee. Eric did the honors, and I think we aged our boy a good 7 weeks. We even cut around the ears with a nose hair trimming pair of scissors. (We still need to clean up the back a bit.) Miles was happy to discover that he still has enough hair to pull while he nurses.

Now, let's talk essential bathing. For the first few months we bathed Miles in the "hospital door prize" I was sent home with (along with disposable netted underwear, monstrous diaper inserts--for me!, and witch hazel pads that I thought might be expired Oxy acne pads): the infamous pink plastic "tub." Not quite the vomit tub, but not big enough to be a dish tub. But it is perfect for bathing really tiny babies. Until the belly stump crusts up and drops off, you can only give baby sponge baths, and this tub did a great job. I will warn you that those first baths are fun, but slightly nail biting! Little floppy baby heads and arms are a lot more difficult to manage when wet...

Some advice: don't bathe your baby every day; you'll strip them of lots of moisture and irritate their skin. Anyway, how dirty do lil ones get? True, the "nether" regions need good, thorough wipes, but babies really don't need to be bathed too much.

Miles has graduated to his "euro" tub, in which he can lie down as well as sit up depending on what way he is placed. Within the past month we graduated to finishing up his bath in the end that allows him to sit up. I have nothing but positive things to say about the Primo Eurobath. (It can also serve as a handy beer cooler as we discovered at Mama D's baby shower.)

We have a whole bin of wash cloths, but the best ones, by far, are the thick Bumkins. Miles especially likes these cloths to suck on. Part of me thinks it is probably not a great idea for him to suck on bath water-soaked cloths that have been used to clean his body, so we always use two: one for cleaning, and one for sucking. Miles is finally enjoying some bath toys, and right now he is entertaining himself with little dishes we ganked from an old gelatto store in our old 'hood (What's the Scoop). We also have a Dr Seuss Circus McGurkus Squirt bath book...riddled with BPA I am sure. It is a short read, but bath time isn't supposed to be study hall. We are saving up to make him a Boon baby. I am just obsessed with Boon products. I love the way the look and function. We hope to outfit his bath with the boon Frog Pod:
As well as the splat toy, and the scrubber toys:

In terms of soap, we use an all-in-one by, you guessed it, California Baby. It can be used as a shampoo and body wash, and the smell is, well, lavendar (what most natural/organic products are scented). I hold Johnson & Johnson in the same category as Dreft--highly scented, and shoved down parents throats as something that you "need." I am sure that in 90% of American Hospitals will bathe your baby in J&J, and I bet you my first born son (I can say that now!) that you'll come home with a handful of samples as well.

For drying, we have a great Under the Nile kimono towel, and we also love the Bumkins hooded towels. We do have a lot of Gerber hooded towels, but I find them to be thin, and they warp after washing.
Seriously folks, that is it! This one was pretty short and sweet...there is a lot more to come! (Can you tell it's been a rough week? I am just sapped and looking forward to a weekend of recharging...)


  1. Miles seems to like his new "do" judging by his big smile. Way to go, Eric! You shouldn't apologize about a short post. First of all, it's still packed with helpful information, and it's not that short! I continue to be amazed at what you are able to accomplish in a week! Happy recharging! Love, Mom

  2. Ali,
    I love the haircut, but I'm just wondering...are you hinting at something by saying:
    "My first born son (I can say that now)"
    Is there a second born on the way?
    Please don't kill me if I'm totally off on this one, ok?

  3. Oh no! No second one quite yet...not even possible with BFing right now. :) I do have a "sense" that if I am blessed with another, it will be another son, though!

  4. I just gave Cal his first haircut, at 21 months. :) And guess what? I cut his neck! I felt inordinately guilty all day, and then forgot about it in the flour dust of a baking project that involved both kids.

    And Oh, those disposable netted underwear, diaper inserts, and witch hazel pads. Makes me nostalgic for childbirth. :)