Friday, February 6, 2009

Ali's Annals 6.0: Hand Jive

Apologies for being delinquent in my postings; I could offer a litany of excuses, but who has time for that?

Apologies also for this "junior varsity" post (a select few are with my on that description). During my runs and showers (daily, thank you!) I compose these amazing reviews, and then 8pm hits, and I tend to find myself sitting with a cup of Mother's Milk tea feeling that all too familiar brain rot.

Today I will be passing the review torch on to another Mama (from my high school!) who provided a great review of using ASL with your babes. I not only defer to her post because 1) I am drowning in work and haven't had time to compose my own review, but also 2) because we just started the journey into signing about 7 weeks ago; we are still riding the bench of the junior varsity team.

I hope to somehow get my paws on some of the Rachel Coleman DVDs.

I will add that currently we use the ASL Browser to have real time signing (not focused on baby signing), but the video is small, and not too clear. Let it be known that the list of signs is extensive--how many times have I been pulling my hair out trying to remember the sign for "myopic!"

Perhaps I was primed by my intention on doing this post today, but I kid you not, Mee-lez signed "milk" this morning after I signed it to him prior to nursing. Of course, I kept signing and asking him to sign it in excitement as Eric screamed from the shower "well, REWARD him with milk, honey!" Oh yeah...I totally forgot that part. Of course, this kid also makes the sign for Daddy when he nurses in between stroking his hair. I am certain he doesn't know that he is beckoning his father while he is on the udder.

Because MomA needs her fix, her are some photos of Miles from last weekend. Dad played with him all morning after a breakfast of something pink (I am guessing blueberries or plums). You'll notice him clutching his empty Happy Bellies cereal containers. I kid you not--between those, and the orange/green lids, who needs toys?


  1. It's bedtime so - who is the mama who does the blog with signing? The sign language workshop I attended really excited me about its potential for babies and children.

    Thanks for the picture "fix". It's sustenance for me for sure.

  2. Hi there - your mom met my mom last summer in Massachusetts, and sent me the link to your place here. Nice to meet you, sort of. :) I LOVE the name - Miles Linus? That's definitely a guy I want to know. :) And keep the signing up - my daughter talked fairly early, so didn't use it too much, but my son may never speak he's so adept with his hands. It's a wonderful way to communicate.

  3. Hi Ali! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing little Miles grow up. I saw this article on baby hand gestures on ABC's Good Morning America and it seemed to fit with your last blog posting. Take care!
    ~A. Maiuri

    It's No Charade: Baby Gestures Could Help Speaking